Introducing Estimated Wait Time in Qmatic Mobile Ticket

Introducing Estimated Wait Time in Qmatic Mobile Ticket

Kim Wechana |March 4 2024 2 min

We've added a new feature in Mobile Ticket to make the waiting experience even smoother - Estimated Wait Time. The new Mobile Ticket feature estimates customers' wait time before a staff member calls them from the queue. This makes it easier for customers to plan their time better, reduces uncertainty, and improves the overall experience of your services while enabling staff to focus more on delivering excellent service. 

How does Estimated Wait Time work?

When a customer chooses a service to get in line for, an estimated wait time for each queue will appear. Once the customer joins the virtual queue, the estimated wait time will be displayed on the Mobile Ticket page along with their current position in the queue. The estimated waiting time may change depending on various factors, such as service duration, available counters, and the number of people waiting in line. If the estimated wait time increases, the app will notify the customers of the change.

Estimated Wait Time - User Flow

How is the Estimated Wait Time calculated?

By taking advantage of data points captured in the virtual queue for each visit, we provide wait time estimations based on the number of open counters, user’s work profiles, customers being served, service duration, number of people waiting, and other metrics to simulate the expected wait times for each individual waiting in the queue. 


Estimated Wait Time is available today on Mobile Ticket for clients with Qmatic Experience Cloud, Qmatic Orchestra 7.3, and Qmatic Cloud Solutions. 

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Estimated Wait Time or how to add it to your Mobile Ticket, please contact us or visit our Mobile Ticket product page. 

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Kim Wechana

Kim Wechana

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