Give people the ability to connect to services – without having to physically queue. Empower your customers and patients by letting them use their mobile device to join a virtual queue before arriving at or in a physical location. They can also easily check-in using a self-service Kiosk or be greeted by a mobile concierge member of staff – eliminating the friction. Our solution provides freedom for people to request a service and enjoy their time either browsing or getting a coffee, with the reassurance they’ll be notified when it’s their time to be seen. It also helps you plan your resources more efficiently by giving you full visibility of service demand.


Today’s time is precious. People no longer have the capacity to just wait around. We’ve developed a way for customers and patients to connect to services from anywhere, meaning they can optimise their time and make the most of every minute. Our virtual queuing solution provides live updates of queue statuses and waiting times by looking at the number of people virtually in line.


Improve the shopping experience for your customers by harnessing the power of technology. With virtual queuing, browse time is increased because there’s no longer a need to stand in line. Whether they’re queuing to purchase an item, or waiting to see a sales assistant, customers can use their time more effectively – even if that simply means enjoying a coffee. Our retail technology not only facilitates this, but also captures valuable data and live feedback for better business intelligence.

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Create an experience that’s more relaxing for patients. Give them the option to join a virtual queue at a kiosk – or on their mobile device – and send them a notification when there’s only 10 minutes to be seen. By integrating health education into the experience, patients can be informed of vital information while they wait, while gamification solutions help to take their mind off things – as opposed to sitting in a waiting room thinking about their appointment.

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Waiting in queue no longer needs to be a waste of time. From standing in line in a busy high street store, to sitting in a crowded doctors’ surgery, service queues can cause frustration and add to anxiety. We eliminate the stress associated with queuing, and help customers and patients to optimise their time.


Empower customers or patients, and reduce the friction caused by traditional queuing. We support a wide range of solutions, whether you want to simply enhance standing in line with digital notifications; install virtual queue management kiosks with ticket information and digital signage; or implement full virtual queue management on mobile devices. Our management offering can be as simple or comprehensive as your business requires.

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Embrace the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and support your customers or patients with our mobile ticketing solution. Mobile ticket is a unique app that can be integrated into existing applications, enabling customers to request a service and ‘get in line’. You can keep customers fully informed with notifications that explain expected wait times, and their progress in the virtual queue – giving them the freedom to carry on living their lives in the meantime.

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Eliminate the frustration of waiting around by enabling customers or patients to queue virtually, using their phones. Use our mobile ticket solution to allow customers to get in line before arriving at a physical location and keep them informed with a live status update.

Discover how mobile queuing helps to increase customer retention.

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With an employee app, staff are empowered to help. For example, they can make appointments, check expected service waiting time information and add people to virtual queues for service all whilst making the experience personalised – on demand, at the point of enquiry.

Learn more to increase your efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Our digital signs give you the flexibility to provide customisable information at different stages of the customer journey. You can show their progress in a queue, direct them to a service area and display special offers or educational content to entertain while they wait.

Explore the digital information possibilities for your organisation.

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Enable customers or patients to join a queue via an interactive touch screen kiosk – and get the customer journey off to the best possible start. Allow them to scan QR codes or insert a unique card to check-in for appointments, request a service or collect an order.

Find out how our kiosk solutions manage many services.

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Welcome customers with a personal touch and check them in to service smoothly and efficiently. Qmatic Mobile Concierge enables you to deliver the most attentive customer service. It’s a unique queuing app for businesses that enables you to register information about your customer, communicate with them, serve them, and quickly update and delete appointments wherever necessary.

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Leading Furniture Retailer

Qmatic have worked with a leading global furniture company who aim to create a unique immersive customer experience across their stores.

City of Wolverhampton Council

Created £1.5m worth of operational efficiencies within three years by connecting customers to their services.

Post Office

New branch formats and virtual queue management increased customer satisfaction at the Post Office to 96%. Hear from the head of Customer Experience >>



Boost sales, satisfaction and loyalty

Rise above the competition and increase your revenue. Join your online, mobile and in-store experiences to create a seamless customer journey.

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Improve patient care quality and reduce costs

Provide quality patient care and raise performance levels. Improve operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and keep administration costs down.

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Provide a more personal and efficient service

Put customers at ease and empower your employees. Connect mobile, online, branch, and self-service channels to create seamless experiences.

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Improve service delivery and create efficiencies

Give customers easier ways to connect to services, empower staff to be more productive and drive improvements through real-time feedback.

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