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Customer Journey Discovery

Know exactly how to deliver the best customer experience at every point

Creating an impactful customer journey begins with building a clear and useful knowledge of how people interact with your environment, team, and offerings. The Qmatic Customer Journey Discovery program systematically clarifies every piece of your customer experience so you can keep improving.

Map the Ideal Customer Journey

The Customer Journey Discovery program is a step-by-step process that looks into every part of the customer and employee experience. It is designed to help you gain a broader perspective of how people engage across the customer journey. You get the insight and resources you need to succeed – from the moment of engagement through post-service follow up.

  • Understand what happens at each touch point in the customer journey
  • Identify the stresses placed on each component within your service environment
  • Evaluate how well customer demand is managed online and onsite
  • Quantify the results of efforts and processes used to manage demands at each step
  • Create benchmarks and identify improvement opportunities
  • Assess how well physical resources are being used and opportunities for improvement
  • Recommend ways to increase return on investment from resources in the service environment
  • Collect real-time customer feedback to gauge engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Solicit employee input about their current and ideal role in the customer experience
  • Create strategies for improvement and resource management