Meet Sascha, Head of Implementation Services

Meet Sascha, Head of Implementation Services

Blog title: Meet Sascha, Head of Implementation Services

July 1 2022 7 min

Sascha Stolwijk, Head of Implementation Services. This includes the management of our subcontractors, but also the global repair and refurbishment department that we have within Qmatic. 

Joined Qmatic: May 2020, so little over two years now.  
Office: Qmatic Netherlands

Meet Sascha and get an insight into what a regular day in his role can look like as well as what is important in a workplace for him. 
What does a typical day for you look like?MicrosoftTeams-image (7)
The day starts with going through emails which often determine how I will spend the next 2 hours. Our implementation partner network is spread over 10 countries, including the USA so there is always development somewhere that needs to be anticipated.
Together with the partners, we always look for possibilities to simplify cooperation and to make the processes as short as possible. In addition, there are continuous dynamics in the repair and refurbish department, which has come under my responsibility since last autumn. Our organization is constantly in motion and the partner landscape and the repair and refurbish department will have to move along with it. In between, I also try to meet other companies that may not be of interest to Qmatic now but may be interesting for Qmatic in the future.
No matter how my day goes, my day always starts with a cup of coffee, and it ends with making a list of things to start with the next day. That will never change.

What is something that is important for you in the workplace?
For me, it is important that an organization consists of people who have a goal in mind or people who at least realize that they are part of a greater whole. For me personally, it is important to hang out with people from whom I can learn something, but also where there is room for initiative and entrepreneurship. 

How did you first come across Qmatic?
In my previous working life, I worked for a company that, next to their core business, also sold "Qmatic – like" kinds of solutions. Qmatic and my previous employer knew each other through some small collaborations. At a certain point, I noticed that working cost me more energy than it gave me. Then I decided to look around. I came across the vacancy through LinkedIn and the rest is history. So, I had already been to Qmatic before and I have to say that I already thought that I wanted to work for this company since I thought it could be fun. In retrospect, it turns out that I was correct.

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
As mentioned, I noticed that my old job was costing me more energy than it was giving me. In doing so, not only did I do me a disservice but also my employer at the time. I worked there for 18 years, and you cannot just keep that up. What I am extremely grateful for is that I can now use my routines from my career as an experience in my new place. At Qmatic there is plenty of room for sharing experiences and people appreciate the input. That is how it should be, isn't it?

Is there any specific event while working for Qmatic that you remember and want to share?
I joined Qmatic when Covid blew its very first tornado across the world. In fact, my move from my first employer to Qmatic was through a laptop that was in my home office. After more than a year and a half, I was on holiday and then my manager texted me if I wanted to go to Sweden right after my holiday. We would, among other things, train the company values. Once there I saw the people with whom I had already video-phoned a lot in real life. That was so much fun.

Name/describe something that makes you happy?
My wife, my daughter (who already lives with her boyfriend), my dog, and my two cats. Vacation, a respectable job, room for development, and room for fun. Mutual respect and perspective. That is, it!

What is something you are proud of?
When Covid started we were not allowed to go to do sports and exercise. I decided to spend my time studying Privacy Law. I completed it and it really helps me every day. I often get privacy-related questions or requests from my colleagues to review something. It shows me that, regardless of your age, learning continues to pay off.

Fun fact about you?
I cannot stand losing and I'm fact-driven so I will leave that to other people and have them be the judge of that. In addition, coffee must be good. Starting the day with weak coffee really puts me at a disadvantage😊

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