Meet Annette, Software Developer

Meet Annette, Software Developer

Blog title: Meet Annette, Software Developer

June 16 2022 3 min

Annette Bollmann, Software Developer in Professional Services Team
Joined Qmatic: September 2010, so 11 years + at the time of writing this.

Office: Qmatic UK

Meet Annette and get an insight into what a regular day in her role can look like as well as what is important in a workplace for her.

What are your name and job title here at Qmatic?
Annette Bollmann, Software Developer in Professional Services Team.

What does a typical day for you look like?annette
In Professional Services we either work on individual tasks for specific customers, or we work on releases for one of our products that are maintained by PS. Typically we work on the Jiras that are assigned to us and prioritize them according to the due date. Once a week we have a “stand-up” meeting with the whole team to discuss the tasks assigned to everyone and discuss any issues, challenges, or proposed solutions. Twice a week we again meet with the whole team to analyze any incoming requests, come up with a proposed solution and estimate the work required. As our team is completely remote, all our meetings and interaction are via Teams.

What is something that is important for you in the workplace?
Teamwork is very important for me, a supportive team where everyone helps everyone and with a “can do” attitude.

How did you first come across Qmatic?
I was looking for a job, whilst having a small child (not easy 😊) and found Qmatic through a recruiter.

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
I like seeing our solutions being used at our customers. I like that our solutions are something that every person/company can relate to, and no one likes to queue longer than necessary 😊.

Is there any specific event while working for Qmatic that you remember and want to share?
I really enjoyed the GEX Amsterdam, meeting customers and partners.

Name/describe something that makes you happy?
When finding a solution for a customer specific request, that seemed impossible at first.

What is something you are proud of?
That we are one of the leading customer journey companies with an international customer base, being a relatively small company.

Fun fact about you?
I love skydiving. I have done around 680 Skydives altogether, and specifically remember those in exotic locations like Dubai (above the Palm Jumeirah), Kenya or Namibia (red/yellow jumpsuit).


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