Meet Dashanti, Senior Order and Contract Management Specialist

Meet Dashanti, Senior Order, and Contract Management Specialist

September 26 2022 2 min

Dashanti Lawhorn, Senior Order, and Contract Management Specialist
Joined Qmatic: In June 2014, so been at the company for over 8 years.
Location: Atlanta, USA

In the following article, you will meet Dashanti Lawhorn and get an insight into what a day as a Senior Order and Contract Management Specialist sector can look like.

What does a typical day for you look like?Dashanti Lawhorn Photo
My day starts with me going through emails received and prioritizing my task list for the day. I process orders, correspond to customer inquiries, respond to internal requests, attend meetings, and maintain our systems with the latest customer information.

My goal every day is to assist our customers and my colleagues to meet their goals.

What is something that is important for you in the workplace?
Ownership is very important to me. I believe everyone should take pride in their work and not just perform the bare minimum.

How did you first come across Qmatic?
I was hired to be a contractor for 3 months for an employee that was going on maturity leave.

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
Employees have the opportunity to advance their skillsets in their careers. Also, you can interact with colleagues in various departments and countries.

Name/describe something that makes you happy.
My family makes me very happy. I enjoy spending time with my son, mom, dad, and sister and we are planning a family vacation.

Fun fact about you?
I am a big Star Wars fan and love Italian food.

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