Meet Julian, Channel Director

Meet Julian, Channel Director

Blog title: Meet Julian, Channel Director

October 18 2022 4 min

Julian Hawes, Channel Director
Joined Qmatic: 6 years ago
Location: United Kingdom

In the following article, you will meet Julian Hawes and get an insight into what a day as a Channel Director can look like.

What does a typical day for you look like?20220911_133710
At the moment my day is spent working in both the indirect and direct teams which means what I do can vary a lot! Sometimes trying to close deals, sometimes managing existing customers or partners. I can do a lot yet feel like I haven’t achieved anything, but I can certainly say that no two days are alike.

What is something that is important for you in the workplace?
The ability to get hold of a colleague whenever you need to get something done – there are a lot of people I speak to frequently, but it's often those you don’t talk to very much that can really help you to push things forward. Fortunately, whenever I am in that situation in Qmatic, there always seems to be someone friendly and helpful somewhere who has the answers you need.

How did you first come across Qmatic?
Knowingly? When I applied! But unknowingly many times as in the UK we used to have linear queueing solutions in almost every store, Post Office, etc

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
This is the first time I’ve worked for a non-UK-based company, so learning about the various cultures that make up our organization has been really enjoyable.

Is there any specific event while working for Qmatic that you remember and want to share?
In the UK office, we used to go out on Christmas Eve morning every year for team breakfast at the Carrington Arms, one of our local pubs. It was always a really nice way to finish off the working year together as a team (the bit between Christmas and the new year doesn’t count).

Name/describe something that makes you happy.
Dessert – my sweet tooth is my Achilles heel.

What is something you are proud of?
Actually a Qmatic project – I’ve been working with one of our customers for a couple of years now, and when I got involved with them they had numerous unresolved issues and were very unhappy. Now the mood is much better, and lots of issues have been resolved.

Fun fact about you?
I helped to found and play for a football team in my hometown, Buckingham United – sadly no longer due to injuries…

Something you want to add?
Nothing other than to wish everyone well!

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