How one of the largest universities in the UK revolutionized the student experience with Qmatic

From old-school queuing to a modernized student experience

​​​​​​​The student services at Manchester Metropolitan University - The Student Hub, deals with a wide variety of student enquiries, such as Accommodation, Coursework, Enrollment, Fees, Timetables, Moodle, ID Cards as well as specialist student support. And with over 250,000 visits to the Student Hubs each year, 7000 on a weekly basis, the student hub is a vital part of the student journey at the university.


The student services at Manchester Metropolitan University were scattered across the campus and needed to be brought together for a more rounded student experience. The students were also having to undertake an “old school” style of queuing at desks or kiosks for an undisclosed period of time, at the service they required.

There was also a lack of data available to the University around types of student enquiries, the length of time they had to wait for a service or the time in which their enquiries were resolved. In the University’s ambition to move forward, providing innovative and student-focused services that kept pace with student expectations, a modernized way to enhance the student journey needed to be developed.


Creating a seamless student journey for 38,000 students

In response to student feedback about the type of service they would like; more relaxed, a faster service, more flexibility, more efficient and less queuing, a decision was made to invest in physical and technological solutions i.e. state of art hub spaces with a virtual queuing system. The University turned to Qmatic to deliver the perfect customer journey management for their environment. This would give advisers working on the Student Hubs more control over their workloads, provide actual data on queuing times and allow students to be transferred to different services seamlessly, never losing sight of them within this process. It was a way of responding to a modern expectation of customers and students and how they would like to access services within the University.




Live data, average waiting and transaction times, and user feedback

At present, the Student Hubs are dealing with approximately 7,000 visits a week, with Qmatic providing actual live data of the state of queuing within the hub spaces. The Student Hub staff can see what services the students are interacting with, look at average waiting and transaction times and how many enquires are being dealt with at the student’s initial enquiry, which was one of the objectives of the new hub service. This capability allows hub managers to see whether they need to move resources across the hub sites in response to demand, such as hub advisers. It also allows the various specialist services within the hub to work more holistically as one service and managers to recognize individuals who receive outstanding feedback by the users.

“We are currently in the early days of the implementation but we are excited about the data that we are collecting, the enthusiasm of the staff working with the product and the feedback we are receiving from our students about a more relaxed queuing experience. Qmatic have been supportive particularly in the run up to launching the product and when we have requested changes based on user feedback.”

- Will Smith, Student Journey Operations Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University



Manchester Metropolitan University is the one of the largest universities in the UK founded in 1824. With 38,000 students, 5000 employees and more than 1,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses, Manchester Met educates and trains large numbers of legal and business professionals, scientists, engineers, teachers, health workers and creative professionals.


  • Student services were scattered across the campus
  • “Old-school” style of queuing
  • Lack of data available around types of student enquiries, wait times, and time to resolve enquiries

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