Providing a better experience for patients and staff at a major French hospital

Assisted by smart Qmatic software, a major hospital in the south of France has been able to tackle long waiting times for patients in the main entrance, and for the care units. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Montpellier is consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals in France and serves as the major source of healthcare, surgery, research and medical training for Montpellier, France’s 9th largest city.

In 2018, the hospital put out a tender for the provision of new Hospital Information System (HIS) tech to replace the existing systems within the main reception and improve the overall patient experience in the hospital. The tender was won by the French market leader for HIS, MiPih, who worked in partnership with Qmatic to provide a tailored solution for the hospital.

CHU de Montpellier key stats

  • 2,000+ Outpatients per day
  • 1,000+ hospitalizations per day
  • 300+ emergencies per day
  • 1,000+ patients requiring imaging per day

Modernizing the reception experience

The newly updated reception area had MiPih touchscreen kiosks at the heart of it, allowing patients and visitors to check in themselves, receive a ticket number and find out exactly where to go, reducing the workload of the reception staff and mitigating queues as much as possible.

To make these kiosks smarter, MiPih implemented Qmatic’s Orchestra platform to provide powerful data and analytics capabilities, as well as the enhanced queue management functionality it offers. The implementation was simple and made it possible for ticket numbers to automatically be matched to the appropriate service desk.

All a patient has to do, after arranging their appointment at home, is identify themselves at a reception kiosk using their ‘Carte Vitale’ national healthcare card. They simply scan the card and the system will automatically recognise and admit them. If a problem with their record emerges, the system directs the patient through Qmatic’s queuing management system to a staffed reception desk.

Once they have been admitted, the system will direct the patient to their required medical service and inform the department that the patient is in the hospital and on their way.

The results of the change have proven positive. Before, the average waiting time in reception was 20 minutes, which the hospital wanted to decrease in order to improve the patient experience. The average time has been driven down significantly, with 35% of patients now checking in through the kiosks, a number that is likely to increase as the systems become more normal to the patients.

Providing more than kiosks

Although improving the experience for patients was the natural goal of the project, the enhanced data capture and analysis capabilities, offered by the Orchestra platform implementation into MiPih kiosks, gave CHU de Montpellier the opportunity to improve the experience and capabilities of their staff too.

The live tracking of patient numbers, made possible by Qmatic, can be broken down by department, so the hospital can quickly redirect resources to cope with spikes in demand. They can also track their records to better predict when certain departments are going to be in high demand, so they can allocate staff numbers more appropriately.

There has also been an improvement in the quality of medical records as reception staff can provide additional support to ensure records are updated efficiently, reducing future patient delays.

Overall, technology integration has meant that hospital staff can spend more on important tasks and on looking after patients, without having to worry about minor issues that reduce their efficiency. For example, as patients now receive instructions on how to find their way to the department they need, staff no longer waste time checking whether patients have actually arrived in the hospital or looking for those who have not shown up yet.

CHU de Montpellier has benefitted from the new capabilities in their reception and has installed this system in 2 of its 4 facilities and is continuing the roll-out. In the end, 2,500 to 3,000 people per day will benefit from this service.

Our Kiosks are now smarter thanks to the partnership with Qmatic. The integration with the Orchestra platform, which has been simple to pilot and develop, makes it possible to match a ticket number with the right service desk

Pascal Milliot, Services Department - MiPih

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