Mobile Ticket: 5 Tips to Increase its Use

Mobile Ticket: 5 Tips to Increase its Use

Dixie Thamrin | 7/15/2020 4 min

The need for virtual queuing has been on the rise since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even aside from the pandemic, virtual queuing seems to be the way forward as it provides flexibility, comfort, and convenience for customers.

An integral part of a virtual queuing solution is Mobile Ticket, which is used in place of paper tickets while customers wait remotely, away from the premises. With Mobile Ticket, customers can monitor their place in the queue and get notified when it’s their turn to be served.

It’s important to make sure customers are aware of the solutions provided, so they know their options even without having to enter your premises. Here are 5 tips on how to raise awareness of the mobile ticket usage for virtual queuing.

Inform visitors about virtual queuing options you have available

Visitors may not be aware that you have this option, so make sure you communicate it throughout your channels. You can display the information on your website, through text messaging, and outside your premises so customers and visitors are aware of the solution provided.

Provide easy how-to guidance

Some of your visitors might not be familiar with using Mobile Ticket, so it’s always useful to provide clear information and instructions. Here are some ideas on how you can communicate about using mobile ticket:

Poster: a step-by-step guide on how to get mobile ticket, and what to expect afterwards. Provide illustrations if possible to make it clearer.

Digital signage: an alternative is digital signage where you display QR code on a display or monitors that visitors can scan, along with the instructions.

Place guidance somewhere visible

To provide clear guidance, it’s important that that the posters are clearly visible inside and outside your premises, and are large enough for customers to see.

  • Outside: Place your poster or digital signage where it’s visible for visitors even before they step inside the premises. This could be on the door or window, or anywhere near the entrance. Display should be placed on the eye-level for maximum visibility, around 1.5 meters from the ground.
  • Inside: It’s equally important to also display your poster inside your premises, where it’s highly visible so that customers can see the instructions as soon as they enter. You can place it right by a self-service kiosk, for example, or close to the entrance.

For the placement, make sure your mobile ticket information is large enough to be seen. The recommended size for poster is A3 for outside, and A4 for inside.

Incorporate QR codes in your self-service kiosks

If you provide self-service kiosks on your premises, it’s also a good idea to incorporate a QR code on the screen. This way, visitors have the option to use Mobile Ticket (for virtual queuing), or a regular ticket (for physical queuing).

Use NFC tags

NFC stands for Near-Field Technology, and it allows NFC-compatible devices to seamlessly access, share, and transfer information, such as a web address or links simply by passing your device close to the NFC tag. The technology makes it convenient for customers to obtain a mobile ticket without contact with any surface.

NFC tags can be displayed with stickers that contains an NFC embedded chip. These stickers can be easily integrated into the poster, or any display tools in your premises.

To see more examples and practical tips to increase Mobile Ticket usage, download our guidelines.

Download Mobile Ticket guidelines


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