Calendar 2.0 is now available

Blog title: Calendar 2.0 now available

Kim Wechana |October 28 2022 3 min

We are happy to share that our latest update Calendar 2.0, is now available on Qmatic Xtend. The new Calendar 2.0 update includes many improvements and features, such as appointment blocking, improved configuration and resource management, and an enhanced calendar view!

Calendar 2.0 allows users to create and edit appointments and block timeslots and is compatible with the last version of Appointment Booking and Qmatic Web Booking.

Calendar 2.0 consists of three different parts:

Calendar 2.0-1

Calendar Client: Get an overview of the appointment calendar, create, edit and remove appointments. Create and edit customers and see all of your available resources.

Blocking Manager: Block timeslots by day, week, month, per branch, or globally. The blockings can be single or recurring (comes with various options) and can be deleted in bulk.

Settings: In settings, you can configure your appointment and customer forms, adjust time slot sizes, edit customer notification types, choose different languages, customize your calendar's appearance, and more.

The Calendar 2.0 update has a new modern calendar view which makes the user experience more fluid with easy access to different calendar features and the ability to customize the calendar based on your specific requirements.

Calendar view


calendar view 3

Please note that Calendar 2.0 replaces the existing Calendar Admin and Calendar Client.

Essential features

  • Manage resources from a signal interface
  • Create simple and complex appointment blockings
  • Capture more detailed customer information
  • Increase personalization with multilanguage support
  • Enhanced calendar view


Calendar 2.0 is available today for clients running on Qmatic Orchestra (version 7.2 or later) and Qmatic Cloud Solutions and can be found in Qmatic Xtend.

Want to learn more?

Watch our Product Evangelist, Mark Sarria, as he highlights the new Calendar 2.0 in the video below, or contact your local Qmatic sales representative for more information. 

And as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

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