Trends in customer journey management solutions and digitalization

Trends in customer journey management solutions and digitalization

Tarek Hassaniyeh |May 6 2024 6 min

Digital, hardwareless solutions and seamless integrations paired with data collection for business intelligence – all hosted in the cloud. That is how I would summarize the latest and greatest within customer journey management. Let me tell you a bit more about the opportunities at hand when it comes to modern digital customer journey management solutions.

Omnichannel - connecting digital and physical customer journey touchpoints

In all sectors, we see increasingly more digital touchpoints in the customer journeys. In the banking sector for instance, several services can be done online, so the case doesn’t only include the customers going into the branch but also how to combine online and offline interactions and integrate them into one journey. That is a challenge in itself, but then on top of that, the businesses have less staff in the branches today, to provide a good customer experience onsite. This can be solved. With our solutions, it is possible to combine online and onsite meetings, self-service kiosks, mobile applications, front desk staff interfaces, etc. And manage all those various flows in one system where it is also possible to measure which route customers take and what their experience was.

The same goes for the government sector. More services are offered online and meetings and consultations can be conducted via video calls. These days, citizens only need to show up for particular services. Within the government sector, we can make the pieces work together through appointment booking solutions that enable both online and onsite meetings, communication via mobile and email as well as via digital signage in the physical branches. Other pieces in the customer journey could include self-service kiosks with ID readers, staff interfaces that allow the staff to monitor and adjust the flows in online and onsite activities, such as the number of available appointments, moving staff between services and many other things.

Customer journeys without hardware

When we talk about high tech and the future - whether the client is ready for it or not - when we mention hardwareless solutions, they get excited and want to talk more. 

A perfect example of a hardwareless solution we can provide is the following scenario: When you enter the building to get your service, you use your mobile phone to scan a QR-code which takes you to a web page where you can register your arrival or choose your service. Then, you sit down and wait without even touching a piece of hardware or announcing your arrival at the front desk.

Another great approach, which is especially suitable in a retail environment, is when you arrive in the building and a floor staff equipped with a tablet, walks up to you and registers your arrival and you can sit down and wait - again without touching any hardware or a front desk.

We have implemented several of these virtual queuing solutions, for example in banks, telecom stores and other retailers. The government sector and healthcare sector also like it, but typically go for a combination of digital touchpoints and hardware to cater to those not comfortable or unable to use the digital solutions.

Data collection and analysis across all touchpoints

With all the touchpoints in the customer journey connected to one system, it is possible to measure everything that happens. You can see what happened yesterday, what happens today, and over time. What services are typically used, how many customers are there, and are they happy? You can even tie the information to the time of the year. Are customers more unhappy in the summer, should we offer them a drink to increase customer satisfaction? Are there particular staff members with shorter transaction times and more happy customers? All of these questions can be answered with a seamless customer journey solution that can follow the customer through all the touchpoints and collect data. And with that information, through data analysis and reporting, it is possible to tweak and adjust to improve efficiency and experience.

Customer journey management in the cloud

Last but not least, another major topic today is customer journey management solutions hosted in the cloud. Many organizations already have a cloud strategy in place and have started to act on it. If not, it can feel like a big leap to take, but it is definitely worth it once you are on the other side. With a customer journey management solution in the cloud, some of the obvious benefits are that you get instant access to the latest updates, it is flexible and scalable to fit your business, and it will give you lower TCO and faster time to value. 

So to summarize my key takeaways if you are looking for a modern and seamless customer journey solution:

  • Connect digital and physical touchpoints
  • Collect data across all touchpoints
  • Enable digital and hardwareless solutions
  • Host the solution in the cloud


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