The secrets to great customer journey management

The secrets to great customer journey management

Tarek Hassaniyeh |April 3 2024 4 min

Over the past few years, my discussions with clients about how to improve their customer journey management solutions have changed. What was previously a question of turning chaos into order is nowadays a topic on how to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency. Let us dive into what a great customer journey is, what the benefits are, and how you get there.

Enhancing the customer experience

In my opinion, a great customer journey is when we manage to streamline the customer flows and utilize the company’s - our client’s - resources in the best possible way. To start with, the most important thing about customer experience is understanding the client’s business and making sure that we can streamline the customer journey in order to make it easy for them to do business with their customers.

From their customers’ perspective, it means that it has to be clear how to get a service, how long it will take, how it works, etc. Keeping the customer informed throughout the journey not only makes it a more pleasant experience but also reduces the perceived wait time. Setting those expectations and meeting them makes it a better customer experience. If that is achieved with our solutions, we are successful from the customer side of the business.

Improving business operations and efficiency

From the other side, the business itself, it is important that the solution provides the efficiencies that they require, with as little utilization of their resources as possible. What is even more important is that we enable them to provide a seamless customer journey to their customers, allowing them to grow their business from a revenue point of view. I can tell you that this would give any business leader peace of mind: A solution that provides a seamless experience, makes them more efficient, cuts some of the cost, and enables them to grow their business with the same amount of resources as they have today.

Identifying the challenges and solving them

The key to getting there is understanding the client’s business completely. What their vision and objectives are, and then putting in a system that can achieve those goals. When we meet with a new client, we start with a discovery meeting or consultancy exercise. We study all the customer flows, the utilization of resources and what they want to achieve with their business. With the extensive experience we have in this field, we can quickly pull out qualitative aspects that the client might want to do at the least cost. As we go in and identify the issues, we are able to fix one or two things immediately, which could even be enough for them to pay for the solution.

Once the solution is in place, the system can enhance the improvements going forward. As the system starts running, the client collects more and more data and information from business intelligence. This makes it possible to improve and predict to become even more efficient in their operations and even better at providing excellent customer experiences.

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