Benefits of cloud migration

Benefits of cloud migration

Dasha Leijon |October 25 2023 6 min

In recent years, many organizations have worked on their digital transformation and migration to the cloud. If there was hesitation before, the global pandemic pushed many organizations to accelerate their cloud adoption. With the rapid changes in customer expectations and technology, using cloud solutions looks like the obvious choice. Aside from that, there are other benefits of moving to the cloud. In this article, we’ll share some key benefits organizations can expect to gain with cloud migration.

Cost Savings

Cost reduction is one of the main advantages that companies see when moving to cloud because cloud solutions offer a much lower cost of ownership compared to on-prem solutions. On-prem solutions have high up front costs, as well as considerable operating costs for servers, storage, infrastructure, and the actual service you are trying to use. On top of that, it requires specialist knowledge to maintain and update the solutions, and have personnel available around the clock in case something goes wrong. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, offer lower operating costs, as the solution provider can benefit from economies of scale and existing specialist staff to take care of the server, maintenance, and upgrades. 

Increased Agility and Flexibility

Another major selling point of migrating to the cloud is the flexibility it offers. This allows businesses the flexibility to decide the services and features they need, and only pay for those. This can be particularly advantageous if there are times of day when the business is under heavy load but other days are quiet, so there is no need to have resources running idle just to be able to handle the high peak in demand. This can help ensure business continuity in the face of an unexpected surge in demand, as additional resources can be added quickly.

Similarly, with the rapid changes in the business landscape, businesses need to keep up with market demands and customer expectations. This requires companies to be adaptable and flexible to accommodate what customers need. Cloud solutions offer the flexibility for businesses to respond swiftly, adding new capabilities if it becomes clear customers want them. Today, when everything is dynamic, the ability to adapt quickly is key for organizations to stay in the game.

Speed of Updates, and Introduction of New Products/Services

Another benefit of using cloud solutions is the ease of deployment and update. From the beginning of the process, since the implementation process is much faster and simpler compared to on-prem. This means that value is added much faster than working through a cumbersome installation across a whole company.

An ongoing additional advantage is that getting updates becomes much easier. This means that bugs get fixed quickly, security is improved, and can even allow access to new products or services, which help organizations to become future-proof.

This also applies to new innovative technology. With developments and advancements in AI and machine learning happening rapidly, organizations have the chance to incorporate AI into their business strategy, and adopt innovations faster. Since there is a far lower up-front cost, trying out innovations such as AI tools becomes increasingly possible, and see how well they work and if they are suitable for the business.

Accommodate Hybrid Workforce

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, hybrid working policy has become the new normal, a process made considerably easier through the use of cloud computing resources. For service providers, using a hybrid workforce opens up the possibility to offer a wider range of services to customers, while also increasing efficiency, since they are no longer limited to providing in-branch services. Whether online or onsite, staff can deliver exceptional customer service. Cloud solutions play a role in this, enabling smooth workflow for hybrid working.

Improved Service Delivery

With the increased accessibility that cloud solutions enable for staff and customers, organizations can improve the quality of their services. Staff can access the data they need to deliver the best service (for example, about the customer’s history or service preferences) from anywhere, even when they work remotely. Similarly, the ease and convenience of accessing services anywhere and anytime for customers can also improve their experience.

Cloud migration offers many advantages for any organization, and it’s the first step for digital transformation. It helps organizations improve their efficiency and agility and ensures business continuity while reducing costs.

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Dasha Leijon

Dasha Leijon

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