Putting Mobile-assisted Service Technology in the Hands of Your Staff

Putting Mobile-assisted Service Technology in the Hands of Your Staff

Stefan Cohen |April 10 2015 3 min

The era of wearable computing has already started and companies are starting to explore ways to improve their operations and customer experiences using new types of devices

Retailers are beginning to experiment with wearable technology and devise strategies to complement the capabilities of their existing sales teams with real-time, data-driven insights that help them deliver better customer service. These hands-free, click-free computers, whether in the form of smart glasses, in-ear computers, watches or other form factors, could help sales assistants through the sales process and enable them to deliver improved customer service. Such sales support systems are attractive in an era of fast-changing product portfolios and high staff turnover.

Putting Mobile-assisted Service Technology in the Hands of Your Staff

Wearable computing can empower your frontline staff and create better first impressions to ensure high quality, personalized customer experiences. Your staff becomes more productive by having information at their fingertips, in their ears or in front of their eyes that make it easier to provide great customer service. It allows them to manage walk-ins, pre-scheduled appointments and serve customers with intuitive interfaces. The wearable devices can provide real-time status about waiting customers, customers currently being served and notifications on upcoming visits and appointments.

Hay Group reports that median retail staff turnover for part-time labor is 67%, though it varies dramatically by retailer. The intuitive interfaces of wearable devices make it possible to train new employees more efficiently so that they can start providing better customer experiences more quickly.

Wearable computing in retail allow you to:

  • Put customer information to personalize the meeting in the hands of your staff.
  • Increase the customer experience by connecting with your customers on their terms.
  • Provides a seamless bridge between the online and physical world.
  • Increase staff utilization and situational awareness thru the use of notifications.

Provide more flexible working conditions for your staff.

Stefan Cohen

Stefan Cohen

Head of Global Product Marketing, 2013-2016.

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