How to manage customer flow with appointment scheduling

How to manage customer flow with appointment scheduling

Sheila Ghamkhar |June 6 2023 6 min

More customers equals more business, everyone knows that. A universal and consistent goal in any business is to attract new customers while keeping current clients happy. Having a system to manage your customer flow when the volume of clients increases is essential to successfully tending to your customers and allocating needed resources for running your operations efficiently.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using appointment scheduling to manage customer flows and our best tips for improving customer flow management.

Benefits of an appointment scheduling system

Control the number of people on-premises and manage customer flow

Using an appointment scheduling system will allow you to control the number of people in your location. This also enables you to manage customer flows with set appointment slots where your customers can book and select the service they want. Knowing how many appointments have been booked also makes it easier to allocate the needed staff or materialistic resources to meet customer demands.

Combining walk-in customers with appointments will significantly improve the control of your customer flow and result in better resource efficiency when service demands and visitor volumes become more anticipated.

Give customers more flexibility and improve customer experience

Using an online appointment system enables your customers to book an appointment whenever it fits their calendar and can do so easily from their phone or computer anytime, anywhere. Giving your customers the possibility of easily scheduling an appointment gives them more control over their customer journey while making your services more accessible to them. The increase in flexibility and accessibility of attaining your services positively impacts the customer experience to a greater extent.

Improve operational efficiency

As customers can book an appointment and choose the service they need in advance, it becomes much easier to plan resource allocation, match the required services with available staff, and generally utilize all resources more efficiently and to their best value.

Reduce stress on staff

When using an appointment scheduling system, it allows your staff to gain an overview of the number of booked appointments and required services, giving them the opportunity to prepare ahead of time. Furthermore, their ability to manage the customer flow with booked appointments and walk-in customers is improved as they gain a much better overview of how much resources may be needed to successfully handle the operations for the coming days.

With more information at hand and the possibility to do efficient resource allocation in advance, reduces the stress level of your staff and creates a better overall work environment.

Appointment scheduling tips: How to manage appointments to improve customer flow management

Integrate your solutions for seamless customer flow management

Appointment booking is only one part of the solution. To manage customer flow seamlessly, service providers also need to provide robust queuing solutions that can accommodate check-in, serving the customer, and visitor management. Appointment scheduling solutions need to be well-integrated with these other systems to accommodate customers efficiently.

Segment customers before their arrival

If you provide different services, you can segment customers based on the service they need. Whenever possible, allow your customers to specify the service they need upon booking so you can get an overview of the required services at a particular time, and allocate your staff and resources accordingly.

Always keep customers updated with fast communication

It’s important to keep customers informed throughout the whole customer journey, starting from the time they schedule their appointment, until after they have been served and tended to. An appointment scheduling system allows you to send booking confirmations, reminders, or other updates regarding changes or cancellations to the service directly to your customers to avoid any confusion.

Make it easy and convenient for your customers

Along with timely updates, make sure customers can move seamlessly throughout the customer journey. You can, for example, send a reminder with a check-in link that they can follow to secure their place in the virtual queue. This way, you save the customers time, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

These are just some of the appointment scheduling tips to improve customer flow management. If you’d like to learn more, download our appointment scheduling guide.

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This blog post has been updated to reflect more current industry developments and was originally written by Dixie Thamrin on 06/05/2020

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