Introducing Qmatic Xtend – Manage extensions for Qmatic Orchestra and Qmatic Cloud Solutions

Henk Varkevisser |June 29 2022 2 min

xtend overview

Getting the most out of your Qmatic Orchestra platform has never been easier! Now you can discover, add, and update your extensions independently from the Qmatic Orchestra release through Qmatic Xtend.

What is an extension? Well, for example, Counter, Concierge, Appointment Booking, Operations Panel, and other user applications, but also Language Packs and even widgets are now an extension. Check out Xtend itself to find out yourself! Qmatic Xtend is available for clients running on Qmatic Orchestra (version 7.3 or later) or Qmatic Cloud Solutions and offers easy access to the latest updates and extensions in one place. 

With Qmatic Xtend, users assigned with system administrator roles can easily manage the installation and updating of extensions available to support the organizational workflow further. Ensuring you're always running on the latest and greatest from Qmatic. 

Each extension in the Qmatic Xtend main overview includes a brief description, release notes, guides, manuals, and more. You can select the extension to display the extension's details page, where you can learn more or install an extension directly. 

Essential features: 

  • Stay up to date with the latest updates from Qmatic
  • Easy access to install and update new and current extensions within the Qmatic Orchestra portal
  • Clear overview of all the latest updates available from the Qmatic Xtend page
  • Update and install new extensions independently from Qmatic Orchestra releases

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