Next Available Appointment now available in Qmatic Web Booking 3.1.1

Henk Varkevisser |August 23 2022 2 min

Happy summer!

We are always looking for ways to improve our products and solutions to bring the most value to you and your customers. This time we are happy to share that the release of our latest feature, Next Available Appointment in Qmatic Web Booking 3.1.1, is now available. The new booking feature greatly simplifies the process for customers to find the first available appointment per branch office for any service on your booking page quickly and conveniently.

How it works

After the customer is done selecting the type of service they wish to book an appointment for. The Next Available Appointment feature will automatically highlight the first available appointments available at each one of your branches that offers the selected service. This gives customers more options and information to decide on a convenient time slot depending on their needs.

Next available appointment feature highlighted in Qmatic Web Booking

Once a branch is selected, the customer follows the regular scheduling process of choosing a day and time that suits them best.


The Next Available Appointment feature is available today with Qmatic Web Booking version 3.1.1 for clients running on Qmatic Orchestra (version 7.2 or later) and can be found in Qmatic Xtend.

Want to learn more?

Please visit our Next Available Appointment page for more information. There you will find a video of our Product Evangelist, Mark Sarria, where he showcases how Next Available Appointment works together with a Q&A section.

The page can be found here.

And as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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