Capitec Bank pioneers service design for customer-centric banking

South Africa bank Capitec Bank was launched in 2001 on an extremely competitive market with well-established competitors. In its strategy to position itself, Capitec Bank CEO Riaan Stassen revealed its new branch concept early in 2012; the concept is based on the bank’s principle of personal service and accessibility.

These strategic factors are crucial for Capitec Bank and its customers; all bank operations are based on them:

  • Simplicity: the bank strives to simplify banking and develop an all-inclusive banking solution, namely, the Global One solution.
  • Affordability: the bank offers the most transparent, affordable banking available in South Africa - a banking solution that makes sense.
  • Accessibility: using the Global One card, mobile banking, or internet banking, customers can access their accounts and money when it suits them.
  • Personal service: bank employees know that each customer’s needs and goals are unique, when it comes to banking. They aim to build personal relationships so they understand these needs - to help customers achieve their goals.

The situation and need for change

According to CEO Riaan Stassen, these customers’ questions about outdated processes in the banking industry are the key reasons for the redesign, namely, why...

  1. Do customers still have to fill in forms when they go to a bank today?
  2. Can’t customers see what bank personnel have on their computer screens before them - it’s not a secret?
  3. Do banks have glass barriers between the employee and the customer; it restricts service?
  4. Are branch managers concealed in the back office, hidden from customers? They should be the custodians of customer relationships.
  5. Must customers stand in queues just to be told that they have the wrong information or documentation, or that they are in the wrong queue?
  6. Do banks close at 3:30 PM in the afternoon?
  7. Are they closed on Sundays?
  8. Are bank fees structured in such a confusing way?

“We live in the 21st century, and technology should make access to banking easier for customers,” says Stassen. “The banking experience must change, and banks must take ownership when it comes to helping customers better manage their financial lives."

The Solution

  • Qmatic Orchestra Enterprise platform to manage all 860 branch offices in South Africa from one central location.
  • Self-service kiosks with card readers for personal identification.
  • Signage system and voice calling system for customers and staff
  • Statistics and reports for management and staff


The Benefits

  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Optimised staff scheduling

The Results

“The Qmatic system supports relationship building because branch office staff can now easily interact with waiting customers - based on their expressed service needs,” says Carl Fischer, Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Capitec Bank. “With the new system, our efficiency will improve between 20% and 25%, at least,” says Fischer.



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