We can achieve more together

Join our rapidly expanding family of partners and distributors around the world and let’s improve the customer experience together.

Close working relationships have always been very important to us. Because we believe that more can be achieved when we work together. Partnering with Qmatic combines all of the advantages of local knowledge and industry-specific insights with the wealth of experience and universal support of a global, industry leading innovator.

We’re dedicated to our partners and their ambitions, which is why we supply everything you might need in order to get up and running as a Qmatic partner. But it doesn’t stop there, of course. We ensure our partners are always up-to-date with the latest technological developments and trends. That way we know that their customers are getting the best possible service at all times.

We may well be famous for our groundbreaking research and development, but what we do is actually less about technology and more about humans.

Read about how Qmatic is improving the customer experience around the world…


Interview with Qmatic Premier Solution Partner Emerge Queue


Interview with Per Strandqvist, Q-Systems. Qmatic Premier Solution Partner

Partnership is a two-way street

Partners from more than 120 countries have joined our family so far, and although some are on the other side of the world, we’re on first name terms with all of them.

Regardless of whether you run a small, family-run local business supplying off-the-shelf solutions or you’re the chairman of a publicly listed international organization looking to supply complex business intelligence systems, we want to really get to know you.

You see, we believe that partnership is a two-way street. We share our advanced technology, cutting-edge development tools and wealth of experience, and our partners share their local knowledge and industry insights. That way, we can grow together and improve the customer experience even faster.

I want to get know you too!

Qmatic Partner Levels

Some of our partners want to keep things simple, opting to focus solely on ready-to-deploy solutions. Whereas others, like Qmatic systems, are able to deliver the highest level of expertise, service, support and customer satisfaction and meet the most complex of business challenges.

However, most of our partners are somewhere in between, offering highly trained staff, specialist support and extensive product knowledge, and who are well equipped to fulfill most client integration needs.

Qmatic Reseller

Able to meet customers’ Qmatic needs across all industries. With a focus on ready-to-deploy solutions, Qmatic Resellers have completed our technical training courses and possess a thorough understanding of all Qmatic products and services.

Qmatic Solution Partner

Meeting our very high standards for solution provider expertise and offering highly trained staff, customer support and product knowledge, Qmatic Solution Partners are perfectly equipped to supply customized solutions and complex client integration services.

Qmatic Premier Solution Partner

Being a Qmatic Premier Solution Partner indicates significant investments in consulting and development services. These partners have also demonstrated an ability to deliver the highest standard of solution expertise, service, support and customer satisfaction, as well as meeting the most complex of business challenges.

Do you think you might be one of us?

We have pretty high standards, and we expect our partners to as well.

Are you:

  • Dedicated to your customers, and their customers?
  • Experienced and skilled in the field of advanced customer solutions and technology?
  • Proficient in installing, configuring and selling hi-tech software and hardware?
  • Interested in being in a rewarding business partnership?
  • Looking for a dependable, innovative business partner?

Do you have:

  • An understanding of the financial, healthcare, retail or public sector?
  • Experience of after-sales support?
  • A passion for intuitive and cutting-edge business solutions?

Industry leader

Qmatic has been leading the industry in customer journey management for more than 30 years, and our constant research and development over the years has resulted in us now being responsible for more than 2 billion customer journeys a year. Our precision engineered products and fullyintegrated, open architecture software solutions have been designed to streamline and simplify

every aspect of the customer experience, whatever the industry. From our intuitive self-service kiosks and online booking modules to our user-friendly interactive administration, control and support tools, statistical analysis systems and powerful business intelligence tools, Qmatic makes customer journey management surprisingly simple.

What it means to be a Qmatic Partner

As a Qmatic partner, you’ll be playing a crucial role in the development of Qmatic. But also in the promotion
of our brand.

You see, every time you interact with a customer on behalf of Qmatic, no matter how briefly, it will have an impact on the way the world sees us.

Correspondingly, the stronger the Qmatic brand becomes, the more value it can bring to your business. It’s a win-win situation.

The key to achieving this is consistent and reliable communication across all channels

Get in touch

Wherever in the world you are, whichever industry you’re in and whatever size your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re here to help.

Contact qmatic

Find a local Qmatic Partner

Partners from more than 120 countries have joined our family so far, here are their contact details.

4 good reasons to become a Qmatic Partner?

  1. You’ll receive technical assistance setting up online, a web kit of ready-to-post, qualityassured texts and images, unlimited access to cutting-edge R&D and up-to-the-minute sales and marketing material. Not only that, we’ll also list your contact details on our website.

  2. Being associated with a global, industry leading innovator and extending your portfolio to include our precision engineered products and fully-integrated, open architecture software solutions will raise your profile and enhance your credibility in the customer experience industry.

  3. Profitability is of course a key factor in all partnerships, for everyone involved. Our pricing policy is therefore based on partnership levels and annual turnover. Revenue is settled on a recurring basis through our customer support model.

  4. You’ll have access to industry-unique technical training, sales training and regular indepth classroom-based courses. In short, everything you may possibly need so you can get to know our products, services and brand.

”The support that we’re getting from Qmatic is extraordinary!”

Eugene Swanepoel from Emerge Queue in South Africa
– one of our Premium partners.