Qmatic eLearning

Get the most out of your Qmatic solution. 

Why eLearning?

Qmatic eLearning helps you optimize your customer journey management system. Our different solutions and products are not difficult to handle, but the proper use of them is the key to efficiency, and knowledge is the key to proper use. And we are happy to provide that knowledge.


A good investment

Learning to use complex systems efficiently is a good investment with a good ROI, and you can expect increased productivity, less need for technical support and increased customer satisfaction. In short: You will have to do a little work, but that will save you a lot of time, and work – and money.

Learning never ends

All eLearning material is available online, allowing you not only to keep learning and further improving your skills, but also to get new staff members going and help them work with your team. You can use it both as a school and as a knowledge bank to turn to for reference.

For everyone

Qmatic eLearning is open for your entire staff, allowing everybody to learn just what they need, where and when it suits them. All eLearning resources are available in seven languages, and more are coming.


Three levels in Qmatic eLearning

There are three levels of Qmatic eLearning. Level one deals with operating your system, getting started, and basic troubleshooting. Level two teaches you how to configurate your system and use it efficiently, while level three shows how to maximize the ROI of your system by using insights, user feedback and much more.

Level is 1 included in Qmatic Cloud Services as well as in our Care Plus and Premium subscriptions, while levels 2 and 3 are available for purchase. To learn more, please contact us.


Want to know more?

Have a look at this course on Customer Journey Management. It will give you a short introduction to what Customer Journey Management is and why it matters, but most of all, it shows you how Qmatic eLearning works and how it can help you optimize your own customer flow.

The course includes:

  • Benefits of knowing your software

  • Hands-on examples of how eLearning works

  • An introduction to Customer Journey Management


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