Tools that improve the quality of interactions between customers and providers

Tools that improve the quality of interactions between customers and providers

Sven-Olof Husmark |February 18 2016 5 min

Customer experience and employee satisfaction are two sides of the same coin. Happy customers correlate to increased employee engagement and retention, customer service and sales. When employees are happier and more productive, customer satisfaction and revenue generating activities go up.

This cycle is particularly in the healthcare, retail, finance and government sectors, in which success depends on the quality of interaction between customers and providers.


Employee engagement across the care process hinges on a number of factors, all dependent on the care experience the patient receives. Keeping in mind that most healthcare providers chose their profession out of a desire to nurture the wellbeing of others, clinics must help staff to maximize every interaction in the patient journey. That imperative demands resources like mobile appointment management, real-time patient status dashboards, scheduling alerts, and feedback data. With those tools and insights, caregivers are better equipped for efficiency, which in turn keeps patients moving through the care cycle faster and with less confusion. On the patient side, resources like online appointment scheduling, self check-in, and SMS appointment alerts provide the ease and communication that erase common stressors in the clinic experience. Patients are less anxious and have fewer tactical questions, and caregivers are better positioned to do their job.

Learn more about how engaged healthcare employees can have a positive impact on the satisfaction of patients. Download belows Employee Engagement Mini Guide.


Today’s customer has the ability to start a buying process in a store, online, or on a mobile app. Regardless of the starting point, the journey must be seamless and consistent. With digital shopping becoming almost as tailored as it is convenient, in-store employees are pressured to provide a personalized experience and meet customer needs with immediacy. With tools like mobile queuing, click-and-collect and digital signage, brick-and-mortar customers remain informed and productive, and employees have the resources needed to prepare for customer interactions. Not only do those factors improve the experience for both parties, they have been shown to lead to upwards of 26% sales uplift.


The banking landscape continues to shift. As of 2015, more people regularly use mobile banking apps as go into a branch for service. For bank staff, creating a seamless omnichannel strategy is vital to attracting and nurturing profitable long-term customer relationships. Resources that allow customers to find information and make appointments online, and communicate needs prior to coming into a bank keep the appropriate staff members prepared to offer personalized, productive service that builds lasting relationships.


The public sector has a reputation for poor and confusing customer service. Unfortunately for staff members, that means many citizens come to government facilities with a negative attitude, often leading to dissatisfaction for staff. It becomes a self-fulfilling cycle. Allowing citizens to schedule appointments online, check in via mobile or kiosk upon arrival, and communicate their needs ahead of their appointment decreases wait times, improves service resolution, and improves productivity – all of which lead to happier citizens, more fulfilled staff, and cost savings for the organization.

Creating a cycle of happy customers and happy staff

Equipping staff with the information and tools they need to do their job well sets up the organization to provide a consistently positive experience for customers, patients, and citizens.  In turn, those who are relying on your staff are more likely to engage positively and return.

Qmatic has the resources and insights to help your organization create a cycle that satisfies the needs and expectations of staff and customers alike. Contact us and we will help you.

Sven-Olof Husmark

Sven-Olof Husmark

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, 2013-2017.

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