Stop Getting in the Way of your Productivity

For government institutions and healthcare facilities of all types, keeping information, citizens and patients flowing is critical. And that means removing the barriers to your own productivity, reducing unnecessary administration, allowing citizens and patients to exercise choice, and focus on the quality of service and care.

Providing the best possible experience for a range of citizens and patients isn’t easy.  And it becomes a real challenge when you’re faced with skills shortages, increased efficiency targets, and more demands on your time and budget than ever before.

However, 46% of public services and healthcare decision makers see improved efficiency and productivity as the main benefit of improving journey management in their organizations.

Learn how you can stop getting in the way of your productivity with our 3 top tips.

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Tip 1: Simplify your processes and make them work for you

With the right journey management solution in place, you can transform historically slow processes and frustrated staff into productivity and delight.

  • Adapt your existing ways of working to dramatically improve the efficiency of your service delivery, reduce budgetary pressure and streamline your citizen and patient-facing processes
  • Relieve the daily pressure on staff by helping to reduce long queues and the demand on staff who currently check and direct citizens and patients where they need to go
  • Have the right people in the right place and liberate staff from administration processes, so they can be utilized according to their skills and service demand


Tip 2: Free yourself to focus on quality of care and service

Harness the power of digital through real-time citizen and patient views and valuable insights that allow you to drive, control and measure service quality.

  • Gain visibility through intelligence and insights with a clear view of service demand and quality, citizen and patient feedback and waiting times   
  • Provide constant information to make citizens and patients feel known, comfortable and informed. Ensure they can pre-book appointments, get securely connected to the systems they require and are allocated to the staff member with the right skills for their needs  
  • Deliver a more personal experience and benefit from real resource, operational and budgetary efficiencies  


Tip 3: Turn efficiencies into experiences

Put journey management tools in the hands of your citizens, patients and staff to reduce waiting and assisting times, minimize administration, and enable self-service.

  • Smooth out flow and keep citizens and patients moving by providing faster services and added transparency throughout the experience, from pre-arrival to post-service and post-appointment
  • Meet changing expectations by providing ready to-use mobile solutions, so appointments can be booked and managed in advance, and staff can focus on meeting and supporting citizens and patients to deliver a better all-round experience
  • Benefit from barrier-free technology with easy to deploy and use solutions that won’t add to your personal workload or disrupt citizen and patient flows


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Take it from the experts

Qmatic is behind the digital intelligence you need to stop getting in the way of your productivity. We help government institutions and healthcare facilities of all types to get the most value from their resources, without adding to personal workloads.

Our solutions provide everything from self-service mobile apps and digital tools to journey management that virtually manages the citizen and patient experience. And that means you get to harness the power of digital through real-time citizen and patient views and valuable insights that allow you to drive, control and measure service quality. 


Nicola Howes

Nicola Howes

Global Content Marketing Manager, 2017-2019.

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