How to access business intelligence and data analytics

How to access business intelligence and data analytics

Peter Lundqvist |August 7 2019 5 min

You want to provide a good level of satisfaction in the public services you provide. But choosing the right course of action isn’t always easy. Without evidence its hard to make decisions that will make a difference.

It came as no surprise to us in our recent survey that a vast majority of public and healthcare decision makers (89%) believed that better access to data and insight would help them provide a better experience. In fact, this majority rises even higher when just public service respondents are considered, with almost all (98%) believing that data could make the difference.

It stands to reason then that the best way for public services to offer a better citizen experience is to gain access to smarter business intelligence and data analytics of every citizen's journey.

*Survey of over 600 healthcare and public services decision makers across the globe in 2018.

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Gain visibility

If you’ve already embraced digital transformation for your journey management, such as implementing an online check-in service, you’ve already started generating important data. But, without the proper tools for viewing or analyzing that business intelligence, it’s going to be difficult to see the true value of the data. Real-time management dashboards and reporting systems provide a major step forward, so you can see what’s happening, as it’s happening. They bring an end to just relying on gut instinct.

Keep track

Real-time management dashboards can bring an end to things getting missed. In a system that has embraced digital transformation, employees will be able to see exactly what’s booked for that day, where demand is likely to be and the current service times for citizens. If demand is looking higher than normal in particular areas, resources can be allocated accordingly – driving up satisfaction and reducing staff stress levels.

Make informed decisions

Incorporating AI into business intelligence can take an enormous burden off staff, by using machine learning that examines patterns, automatically identifies peaks and troughs in demand, as well as other trends. AI acts like an assistant analyst, helping provide you with the evidence and ideas you need to make a positive step forward.

See the results

Business intelligence dashboards don’t just offer real-time views of what’s happening. You can see long-term numbers, so you can measure progress too. However, more importantly, it also provides a platform for citizen feedback, so you always can see the general satisfaction level around your work. If results are lower than expected, you can adjust.

Get support

The right partner will not just provide the technology you need to make your own informed decisions, they’ll provide their own expertise to further assist any choices you make. So, find a collaborative provider that truly understands public services, with years of experience supporting the industry across the globe. It’s also vital to work with a partner that can provide expert consultation and scalable solutions that are ready to implement, easy to use and deliver immediate results.

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