What are the benefits of eLearning for employees?

What are the benefits of eLearning for employees?

Mari-Louis Storm |July 28 2021 5 min

Employees need training to effectively use tools at work, and so, it’s become increasingly common to find product suppliers offer eLearning courses to help customers and their employees use products to their full potential. Unlike other training methods, the advantage of eLearning for employees is that it provides constant support which can be accessed as and when it suits them – and the benefits of eLearning for employees don’t end there.

Below we outline the reasons why employees appreciate products that include eLearning:

High flexibility saves precious time

With widespread remote working, employees are more likely to expect workplace solutions that suit their lifestyle. Flexible working is more popular than ever, and one of the main benefits of eLearning for employees is that your staff can complete their courses from anywhere in the world, at any time.

eLearning courses eliminate the need for your staff to spend time traveling to a classroom, meet with their tutor or fellow colleagues. Therefore, one advantage of eLearning is that it saves your employees time. Fitting around their schedule, and showing respect for your employees’ precious time, is likely to boost engagement with the training as well as employee morale.

Fast feedback for quick progress

Manually marking results and giving each employee feedback on their tests can take a significant amount of time. After working hard to complete their in-person training, employees may have to wait to receive the feedback required to move forward with their jobs.

However, using eLearning for your employees, allows work to be automatically graded online. Not only will staff receive instant feedback from their tests, your management teams can be regularly updated with information about how the staff is performing on the eLearning platform. This enables management to better support individuals with encouragement or advice in areas that are shown to require attention.

Constant access to resources provides 24/7 support

To make sure your employees' skills are up-to-date at all times, it's essential that they can conveniently refer to learning resources. This is especially important if your training program is used to onboard new staff or includes detailed, technical content.

eLearning benefits employees by giving them 24/7 access to essential information. Staff can access their learning platform via their computer or mobile device and refresh their knowledge whenever they feel it’s needed. This round-the-clock support maintains efficient and effective performance and, therefore, boosts job satisfaction.

Employees hit the ground running

Launching a new product or product update can be a nervy time. Mistakes from your employees are to be expected as they get to grips with a new tool. Not only can this be a problem for your company and your customers, employees can also be frustrated by changes to their working pattern.

eLearning for employees allows them to familiarize themselves with new solutions before they go live. As a tool is updated over time, the training can also be easily renewed to reflect these changes and as a result, mistakes are minimized. Employees avoid the pain of teething problems and instead hit the ground running.

Qmatic eLearning empowers employees to create world-class customer journeys

We want our users to make the most of their Qmatic system. So, we created an eLearning platform that teaches you everything you need to optimize your customer journey.

There are three levels of Qmatic eLearning. Level one deals with operating your system, getting started, and basic troubleshooting. Level two teaches you how to configure your system and use it efficiently, while level three shows how to maximize the ROI of your system by using insights, user feedback, and much more.

Level is 1 included in Qmatic Cloud Services as well as in our Care Plus and Premium subscriptions, while levels 2 and 3 are available for purchase. To learn more, please contact us.

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