CX vs. UX – isn't it all just about the experience?

CX vs. UX – isn't it all just about the experience?

Peter Lundqvist |September 7 2018 2 min

Sometimes the jargon gets a little confusing. Here we take a look at the relationship between Customer Experience and User experience.

Customer experience, or CX, is the complete set of interactions people have with your organization, offline as well as online. Managing CX means that your team ensures a positive, useful and professional experience when people interact with your organization in everything from face-to-face encounters to web site visits and invoices.

User experience, or UX, is the interaction people have with your product or service as users of it. According to DigitalGov, it “deals with people interacting with your product and the experience they receive from that interaction.” UX centers on a customer’s experience when trying to achieve a certain result by using a product or service. For example, with an online registration service good UX means a visitor can find information on the website quickly, make a registration without any confusion, and automatically recieve confirmation e.g. by email. In a product or a physical setting it can mean a good fit, or getting to the right location and navigate around your shop or hospital without getting lost.

In short, CX encompasses some aspects of a customer’s experience with a brand or organization that UX does not. But without great UX, a company’s customer experience management has failed.


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