A great social experience

A great social experience

Alistair Agnew |December 30 2013 3 min

Now normally our marketing leader Mr Husmark asks me to write about face to face experiences but my recent contact with twitter and it’s impact on me, can’t be overlooked.

I’m an avid user of Sky FM, the online radio station. I love the cool West Coast jazz. Recently I have tuned into the Holiday Smooth Jazz. It’s brilliant Xmas music with a groove.

Anyway, come Christmas Eve I went to plug into the channel and I couldn’t. It came up asking me to upgrade to the “premium” service. And that’s when my mood changed. Here we go again, I thought, another free site that picks it’s moment to hit on you to sign up – not a good feeling.

In my anger I decided to tweet something suitably grumpy and then deleted Sky From my browser.


And then to my utter amazement, Sky FM tweeted back and said, “we re checking this problem for you now, just hold on”.

Wow, I finally found a useful on-line site that wasn’t totally faceless or remote from it’s audience.

Within an hour of the first response to me, I got a further tweet saying “the problem is fixed and you should find no further problems”.

Now that is what I call a brilliant use of social media channels and the ability to use the technology to ensure the customer has a great experience even if it’s all on-line. Thanks Sky for doing what many talk about but few are doing, managing your channels and delivering a great customer experience.

And the result, I keep telling people how good an experience it was. I may even be a convert to social media if it really can deliver personal and meaningful experiences like that.

Oh and by the way, Sky FM has all kinds of genres of music so go try it. It’s brilliant.

Alistair Agnew

Alistair Agnew

PR Director Qmatic UK, 2007-2017.

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