Martin Hallberg, Product Manager explains Qmatic Cloud Solutions

At Qmatic, we’ve just made advanced customer journey management easy with the release of our latest solution – Qmatic Cloud Solutions. Now, what exactly does this new solution feature and how can it enhance your business or organization? Let me provide you with some insights on how it works.

This text was originally published on 2019-11-11 by Martin Hallberg on LinkedIn
Qmatic Cloud solutions

Industry-leading customer journey management in the cloud

Qmatic Cloud Solutions is the latest SaaS offering that we've develop here at Qmatic. Which I’m really proud of. It is a cloud-based solution that makes it possible to get access to all our industry-leading functionalities in Customer Journey Management, offered as a subscription, which makes it simple to create a better experience for you and your customers at each step of their journey.

Effortless simplicity to meet organizational needs & constraints

As organizations around the world (particularly the healthcare and public sector) are increasingly challenged to meet efficiency targets, cost restraints and higher demands for a frictionless customer experience. Qmatic Cloud Solutions is designed to serve and resolve these organizational needs and constraints . By signing up, your organization gain access to a scalable, flexible, and mobile solution that provides effortless simplicity. You sign up for the functionality that your business or organization requires and use it on a subscription basis at a monthly fee. Everything at one fixed price, every month, for a solution that provides a qualitative and comprehensive customer journey, enhancing the customer and organizational flow across different industries.

Get access to value much quicker than ever before

What’s really exciting with this new solution is that it both simplifies and brings new opportunities as there’s no need for server or software investments. Qmatic takes care of every step of the journey from hosting, software maintenance, to support. And last but not least, updates! You don’t have to think about anything, we do all the updates for you. With this new offering, it’s never been easier to get up setup and running, providing access to value much quicker than ever before.

Focus on today's needs and scale as you go

When we started to develop Qmatic Cloud Solutions, our purpose was to provide a cost-effective and flexible cloud-based solution that delivers a fast and seamless solution that can be managed instantly, enabling you to focus on today’s needs and scale as your business or organization change. And, I’m really proud to say that we have achieved exactly that.

Here are the key aspects of Qmatic Cloud Solutions

SaaS - Easy and predictable pricing

With Qmatic Cloud Solutions subscription plan you get a predictable cost based on the solution that best suits your need.

Everything you need in one place

Functionality, hosting, maintenance, updates and support - everything is included in your subscription fee.

Low total cost of ownership

No initial investment in servers or software, no need to pay for software upgrades. And no time required for setup and maintenance. Compared to an on-premise, perpetual deployment and licensing model, Qmatic Cloud Solutions offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

More time and less hassle

The essence of Qmatic Cloud Solutions is to let everyone do what they do best. Period. And that means freeing up as much time as possible for you to serve your customers while we take care of all related to your customer journey management solution.

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