Casa Mira Chooses Mobile Queue Management from Qmatic

Casa Mira is one of the best and most recognized ice cream shops in Malaga, Spain and is considered an institution that has been around since 1890s. Each year, thousands of visitors pay a visit to one of the famous Ice Cream shops located in the city center of Malaga to taste traditional high-quality ice cream and Spanish turrón (nougat).

With the outbreak of Covid-19, Casa Mira, as many other retailers in Spain had to shut down their business due to the lockdown and was closed for months until they recently reopened to the public with new safety and hygiene measures in place.

As part of its new safety measures, Casa Mira chose to deploy Qmatic’s mobile queue management system at all branches to provide a safer way for customers to receive service. With the mobile queuing solution from Qmatic, Casa Mira now offer customers the possibility to wait outside their branches by issuing a Mobile Ticket via smartphone.

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By scanning the QR code at the entrance, the customer receives a mobile ticket that enables them to wait outside while safely following their progress in line. When the customer is next in line, a notification is sent to the customer. The solution makes it easy for Casa Mira to create a safe environment for customer and staff that allows them to practice social distancing and reduce crowded areas.

Qmatic’s Instant Mobile Queue Management is composed to specifically meet the needs businesses and organizations face in this unprecedented situation. The comprehensive solution has all functionality pre-configured and is entirely cloud- and subscription-based, allowing companies such as Casa Mira to safely continue its operations by replacing the physical interactions and touchpoints with virtual queuing solutions at every step of the customer journey.         

To learn more, visit our virtual queuing solutions page.

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