What is a customer journey map?

What is a customer journey map?

Anna Oom |December 2 2020 6 min

The customer journey map (CJM) is a design thinking tool, a method to develop innovation that focuses on people in order to overcome challenges and meet needs. It allows you to visualize each of the stages of the customer journey on a map; from when a person discovers a need, to when they become a customer of a brand because they buy a product or use a service. In this blog post I will tell you more about the objectives and important parts of the customer journey map and what to consider when creating customer journey maps for your organization.

Important pieces of the customer journey map

What is important to include in the customer journey map is a description of the channels, tools and elements that your customers interact with throughout the entire communication, decision-making and purchase process. Also, do not to forget the aftersales service. Whatever you do, you need to detail and adapt each customer life cycle map to each target customer and product/service so that you can identify which stage of the process generates greater value for the customer's experience as they connect with your company. This is because the customer journey map takes into account both feelings and emotions, in other words, the customer's perception, added to the business' more rational or measurable factors.

Objectives of the customer journey map

Make sure you have the right objectives for your customer journey map. 

Align the external vision with the internal vision

Make sure you assess the emotional and rational vision of your customer's relationship with your brand in their various stages of interaction. By depicting this relationship, you can harmonize and naturalize both aspects.

Define the customer experience

Just by knowing your customer's current experience, you can identify the points where each customer is lost. Plus, when you do a survey, you often discover blue oceans, which give you opportunities to grow.

How do I create a customer journey map?

Every customer journey is different, and so is every map that reflects this journey. You need to consider the variables that relate to setting goals. However, you can find a basic outline on how to develop a customer journey map here:

Identify your customer

Every company should have identified its target, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of each person in order to understand their usage characteristics and the relationship that is formed.

Relationship stages

Simply by knowing each of the stages that your customer goes through in their purchasing process, you can understand what they are feeling in each interaction.

Identify the motivation

The key to improving your user's experience and relationship with your brand is understanding what appeals to them/worries/scares them off/entices them at each stage of the process.

Understand the touchpoints

Some interactions are repeated in the contact between your business and user. That means you need to recognize and manage these to start off with a relationship that is as favorable as possible: webpage, cell phone app, email... these give you clues to identify which are most valued by your customers.

Analyze key moments

When does the customer need help? What annoys them? What do they like? These are important moments that will determine whether the customer continues on their journey.

Seize every opportunity

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to understand your customer, to get to know them and, therefore, offer a better service. Their expectations should always be met, because not meeting them means not making the customer experience consistent.

Improve the customer experience

By satisfying your customers at every stage, you will be able to create a more pleasant experience, fostering positive feelings about your brand in your customer, which will flow into greater sales volumes. The customer journey map helps to create a positive customer experience, and by iterating and tweaking, you can improve the customer experience. This is how you gain customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive environment and build a long-term relationship.

This article has been edited and was originally published in 2019 in Spanish.

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