Why Mobile Patient Concierge Solutions are Essential in Future Healthcare

Why Mobile Patient Concierge Solutions are Essential in Future Healthcare

Martin Hallberg |October 2 2019 6 min

In this article, we will explain why mobile patient concierge solutions are strategic for future healthcare providers. As a healthcare organization, you’re usually judged by the quality of service you offer to patients and the number of patients you are able to successfully support. The overall patient experience and patient satisfaction depend on these factors. Today, healthcare consumers expect to receive patient-centered healthcare along with technologies that improve the patient journey. That is why mobile patient concierge solutions are considered an essential part of future healthcare.

In a Digital Health Consumer Survey conducted by Accenture [1], over 7000 patients across 7 countries stated that short wait times at doctors’ appointments are among the top three factors influencing people’s healthcare decisions, while still, 25-50% reported long wait times in their respective country. Moreover, it is mentioned in the survey that the new generation of healthcare consumers expect healthcare providers to offer digital solutions, such as booking appointments online, receiving reminders, and reducing waiting times. By implementing mobile patient concierge services, healthcare organizations can offer solutions that meet these expectations.

With a mobile patient concierge system that is developed to enhance patient journey management, patients are empowered to navigate their own way through the patient journey. What’s paramount is that they ease the pressure on health practitioners and professionals and allow patients a bit more freedom than traditional setups.

Here are the reasons why Mobile Patient Concierge Solutions are essential to your healthcare organization:

Provide excellent value with minimum wait time

A good patient experience ensures that patients spend the minimum amount of time waiting around – but with limited staff, long queues and wait times are inevitable. With traditional systems, the only way to counter this is with an increase in staff numbers, which is an enormous expense for healthcare organizations. By adding in a relatively low-cost patient concierge system that runs the organization and booking for you, you can get better results for significantly less – freeing up funds for use elsewhere.

Empower patients with smooth patient flow

A mobile patient concierge system allows healthcare consumers to book appointments in their own time and get updates without leaving the comfort of their own homes. They’re available 24 hours a day and require minimal interaction. Just a few taps of a phone and an appointment is booked, no need to dial the hospital. What’s more, because large parts of the process are automated, the whole patient flow is smoothed out, which benefits the overall experience.

Encourages patient-centered care

No healthcare experience will be positive if the actual treatment and care aren’t up to scratch. With a mobile patient concierge system, medical staff are kept informed of appointments and have all relevant information they need before a patient arrives, meaning the patient will be guided through all necessary steps throughout the patient journey. It’s all in one place, making every appointment more efficient – helping to build a better patient relationship.

Healthcare consumers expect digital capabilities

Digital transformation has changed the expectations of consumers. These days, you can order something online and have it delivered the same day, with just a few clicks. Healthcare consumers expect to get the same frictionless experience and will choose medical providers who offer digital capabilities. The idea of calling up to make an appointment appears outdated, but that’s often still the only way to access healthcare. By teaching your staff about the value of technology in improving the overall patient experience, and demonstrating the value for money it can provide, you can quickly provide an experience at the same level as other services.

A digital concierge service frees up resources 

A digital concierge service might sound like a luxury, but the reality is that it’s already becoming an essential part of future healthcare. With an improved patient experience and solutions that free up resources that can be used elsewhere. Your healthcare organization can ensure a suitable system is identified and implemented, which will mark a major shift in the quality of experience for every patient.

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[1] 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey, Accenture

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