Supporting the patient journey with online video

Supporting the patient journey with online video

Peter Lundqvist |July 19 2018 3 min

A visit to the doctor over the internet gives more people access to care regardless of time and location. It’s not the end of having “a physical”, but it’s a great complement as it delivers better service to the patient and takes some strain off staff.

You know what it’s like, trying to get help from your local hospital for yourself, your kids or your elderly parents. 

You need to:

  • Take time off from work (stressful)
  • There’s travel time (traffic horrors)
  • You have to expose yourself to the waiting area (kids sneezing and noses running)
  • It takes time (boring and stressful)
  • You’re there because you do not feel great in the first place and now you feel terrible
  • You run into your neighbor and have to explain (possibly embarrassing).
  • And…

It. Takes. For. Ever. 

Video conferencing re-purposed for healthcare

It doesn’t have to be like this, and in fact, things are looking promising. With video conferencing re-purposed for healthcare many consultations can be handled online via your smartphone or computer, especially for people suffering chronic conditions where the underlying problem has already been diagnosed.

Not only does this alleviate some of the frustrations of visiting a hospital for the patient, it also takes some of the strain off the thinly stretched resources of the clinics and hospitals. And it allows better use of resources overall, allowing medical professionals to see patients while dedicating the rest of their time to research. On top of this, it makes resources available regardless of geography balancing uneven demand and supply between regions at different times.

Video visits are quickly gaining ground globally. Setting up the structure to handle customer flow and customer journeys seamlessly between online and offline is an interesting technological and administrative challenge that Qmatic has been exploring for quite some time now. And we are happy to report; it is all looking good! 

Download the checklist on how to support the patient journey

With the right approach, it’s possible to support the patients journey, giving them a better experience and improving overall quality. Download the checklist to find out how to achieve this.

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Peter Lundqvist

Peter Lundqvist

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