How to improve the working environment for service providers

How to improve the working environment for service providers

Dixie Thamrin |September 22 2021 6 min

Working as a service provider can be stressful. Numerous walk-in customers, long queues, and unhappy customers can increase the frustrations for employees. In this article, we will share tips on how you can improve the working environment for your staff.

Common Frustrations Among Service Providers 

There are many reasons why your staff may experience frustrations. The first thing you need to do if you want to improve the work environment is to identify the number of disorderly elements. Below are some of the most common factors causing stress among service providers.  

Uneven workload

When you have a large number of walk-in customers, the workload quickly becomes overwhelming. During peak hours, such as lunchtime, queues can become long, and employees have to work intensively to keep customers happy. 

A lot of administration work

Enabling customers to schedule appointments is a great way to spread out the workload. However, managing the appointments may require a lot of administrative work for your staff. For example, they need to deal with cancellations and rescheduling of appointments. This is a complex process.

Unable to manage individual calendars

The stress increases when staff cannot control their own time. Some appointment management systems are more basic, which means that the appointment is scheduled and allocated to employees regardless of their individual calendars. This might mean that an appointment is scheduled at a time when the employee has an internal meeting.

Lack of information

Some service providers have different solutions for each customer touchpoint. When you have one system for handling bookings, another for check-in, and a third for taking notes, you quickly lose vital information. Many employees get frustrated when they cannot easily find the information they need about the customer. 

Reserving resources for each appointment

Often there are multiple resources required to perform a service. For instance, some services require a specific room or equipment. When employees themselves need to ensure everything is scheduled for an appointment, their workload and stress levels increase.

Solving the Common Problems Faced by Staff

A frustrated workforce can quickly lead to burnout, poor customer service, high turnover rate, and a bad reputation. Therefore it is vital to ensure the number of disorderly elements for your staff is reduced to a minimum. Below are some tips on how you can fix the staff's frustrations and improve the work process. 

Increase staff mobility

By using digital solutions such as check-in and service apps, your staff can become more dynamic. These apps allow your team to get out from behind a counter and enter the service floor to engage with customers directly. They get a complete overview of the numbers of waiting customers, served customers, and upcoming appointments through dashboards. Having this information at their fingertips is convenient as they can easily keep customers informed. 

Automate administration work

An excellent way to reduce the workload is to use digital solutions to automate administrative work. A few examples of automation that can be done with a smart appointment scheduling system:

  • Sending out notifications and reminders for booked appointments
  • Finding and reserving required resources (for example a staff member or a room)
  • The administration work when someone reschedules or cancels an appointment

Having these tasks automated helps to free up time for your staff to focus on serving customers. 

Enable control of individual calendars

By enabling employees to control their availability for appointments, you avoid double bookings—an innovative appointment scheduling system integrates with individual calendars so that staff can easily block timeslots. 

Have one system for the entire customer journey

When you have one system for the entire customer journey, you make it easier for staff to access all relevant data about the customer. This enhances efficiency and increases the quality of the service. 

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