The 4 Tips You Need to Improve Productivity and Customer Delight

The 4 Tips You Need to Improve Productivity and Customer Delight

Sven-Olof Husmark |July 28 2016 6 min

qmatic improve productivity and customer delight 

Creating an impactful customer journey begins with a clear and useful knowledge of how people interact with your environment, team, and offerings. Staff members working to achieve cmpany objectives and perform their roles with the greatest possible productivity are most likely to succeed if they understand what customers want to achieve from start to finish. One of the most powerful things a customer journey management solution can do for your business is to equip staff with specific resources and the insights to help them function with efficiency toward the best possible outcomes.

At every step from scheduling to follow-up, a few simple tools and activities can help your staff to serve more customers, patients, or citizens, and to improve each interaction.

Online appointment booking is the engagement point between your customers and employees. It’s also the first step in building a highly productive environment with fewer no-shows and more fulfilling appointments. The information generated by an integrated web-based calendar and appointment system prepares appropriate staff members for customer volume and gives them the information to personalize each interaction. And for the customer, pre-booking appointments provides the information they need to move smoothly to service.

Provided your online appointment solutions are integrated your on-site resources, the first in-person interaction between customers and employees is likely to be organized and comfortable. Particularly for employees in high anxiety environments like clinics, the tone of the interaction is important. A complete, connected series of virtual and physical touch points that includes self-service check-in kiosks, virtual and linear queuing systems, and digital signage keep customers informed and organized, enabling staff to remain focused on performing their task rather than having to pause frequently to answer questions or give directions. Everyone is more productive, and the environment works smoothly. 

As companies strive to find new and better ways to delight their customers, mobile is a priority. These modern solutions streamline tasks and processes, enable your staff to care for more people both in person and virtually, allow your customers to be productive while waiting in queue, and connect every step to generate a stream of useful statistics. A flexible ecosystem of Qmatic and third party mobile apps produce the specific mobile solution you need.

Mobile solutions take two main forms. Mobile Workforce aligns customer needs with on-site resources to shape waiting experiences, alert staff members by qualifications and proximity, and enable instant communication and feedback. Mobile Connect is a smart mobile app specifically designed to gets staff out from behind a counter and onto the service floor, where they can provide highly efficient hands-on care for appointment and walk-in customers.

Solicit immediate feedback from your customers, patients, and citizens as they are finishing their time with you. The process communicates that you care about their feedback and is as simple as placing touch screen devices in the environment and inviting people to rate their experience with simple inquiries like “how do you rate your visit?” By asking direct questions, you can directly align feedback input with actual, measurable operations data. The insight is provided in real-time, and the ratings can be gathered for the holistic experience as well as for specific steps in the customer journey to aid in customer experience management and augment queuing system statistics. This process engenders a conversation with customers that translates into a deep well of insight you can use to confirm your team members are fulfilling service promises, and to inform confident, real-time efforts to make continued improvements.

Powering Productivity with Data

Integrating resources to gather data at every stage in the customer journey informs and improves every decision and action your staff members make. The analytics form a clear picture of what your customers and employees want and how well your organization is satisfying those needs. From keeping staff prepared to manage customer volume and to personalize interactions, to keeping them focused on providing the most strategic role possible, to systematically clarifying every piece of the customer experience, data underlies every activity your staff performs throughout any given workday. 

For decades, Qmatic has helped companies make sure their customers and employees enjoy efficient and enjoyable interactions. Our solutions span every point from appointment booking to useful analytics. We can help you spot areas for improvement and make the changes that will help your organization achieve the best possible interactions.

Sven-Olof Husmark

Sven-Olof Husmark

Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, 2013-2017.

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