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A smart appointment scheduling system for better customer experience and efficiencies

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An operation where most customer interaction and service is performed via booked appointments can distribute workload evenly over the workday while at the same time shorten wait time for visitors. With Qmatic Cloud Appointments you have an excellent tool for steering your organization towards more booked appointments and less walk-in visits.

Qmatic Cloud Appointments is a true cloud solution, built on a modern software platform, as well as on all the experience we have gathered from offering appointment management solutions in our Qmatic Orchestra customer journey management platform.

Provide better customer experience with advanced options

Qmatic Cloud Appointments gives your customers the ability to book more than one resource. They can choose to meet with a specific staff member, in a particular meeting room, with any other available equipment required for the appointment.

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Set rules to maximize bookings

The Qmatic Cloud Appointments advanced planner allows you to set your rules for appointment booking, including:

  • The maximum number of appointments at a time
  • Working hours and blocked periods
  • Different rules for early, on-time, and late bookings
  • Booking conditions, service grouping, and resource dependencies


Increase operational and staff efficiencies

Use an advanced planner to distribute workload evenly over the workday and optimize your resources based on the demand forecast.


Qmatic Cloud Appointments

Key features:

  • Smart appointment scheduling

  • Booking multiple resources or appointments in one visit

  • Advanced planner

  • Automatic confirmation and reminders with SMS and email

  • Self-registration with QR code

  • Arrival management

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Leverage data to improve your business

Get detailed data and insights to optimize your business, along with extensive statistics and reports on the entire organization to help you improve your operations.

Our business intelligence tools provide you with an overview of appointments, demand forecast, staff availability, and daily operations – all with key insights to support decision-making. This helps you improve your operations, for example by optimizing staff productivity or anticipating busy periods.


Benefits of a smart appointment management system

Reduced wait times

Streamlined operations, queue segmentation, and optimized resources cut wait times significantly.

Improved customer experience

Give control to your customers with flexibility and convenience.

Increased staff productivity and efficiency

Workload allocated based on skill set, optimized staff scheduling and improved service quality.

Data-based insights for decision-making

Key insights on demand forecast and trends, performances, and operations.

One system for the entire customer journey

Qmatic Cloud Appointments takes care of the whole customer journey, from appointment booking, arrival and registration, to service delivery and post-visit feedback collection. 

All touchpoints are covered, creating streamlined customer journeys and giving you insights from data collected at every touchpoint.

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What our customers say

Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office


“I would highly recommend Qmatic, whether it was a COVID-era or not, because data is important for us to make our decisions, and having this tool in our pocket allows us to navigate and quickly get people out.”

Karl Herrmann, Chief Deputy Director, Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Office

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Motor Department Vehicle Adams County


“Qmatic has allowed us to be more efficient. That has resulted in $100,000 saving compared to where we were few years ago."

Stan Martin, Clerk & Recorder at Motor Department Vehicle Adams County

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