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Qmatic launches newest release of Orchestra, its leading customer journey management software

January 7 2016 4 min

Qmatic Orchestra screens

Qmatic, a leader in customer journey technology solutions and insights, today launched Orchestra 6, the latest version of its enterprise-class, industry-leading customer journey management software platform. Orchestra is designed especially for organizations that have distributed operations and multiple locations, yet want to master a multi-engagement point customer experience through centralized customer journey management. Highlights of the release include:

  • Increased Performance: Improvements across the core platform deliver faster processing speeds for large scale scenarios, greater stability to better handle network transitions or disruptions, and enhanced APIs for easier integration into an existing Customer Engagement ecosystem.
  • Mobile Connect App: With integrated notifications, information display and survey capture capability; this app moves employees out from behind the counter and into real-time, personalized interactions with customers. It now includes an embedded feedback module and the ability to seamlessly switch between wifi and 3G/4G in a multi-user environment.
  • Distributed Operations: As the first company to include this functionality in its operating system, Qmatic builds on that success with improved fault tolerance to ensure branch locations continue to run and data is captured and available for analysis even if connection to the server is lost due to planned maintenance or an unexpected outage.
  • Surface Editor: Orchestra’s primary user interface makes it very easy to set up and manage digital surfaces across multiple locations with a true web-based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
  • Context Marketing: An improved ability to personalize and tailor messaging to both customer and employee audiences across the various customer journey engagement points improves customer experiences and creates opportunities to generate incremental revenue.

“With the option to run Orchestra at the premise or in the cloud, its enhanced performance, extended feature set and analytics capabilities allow companies to differentiate their brand by delivering more seamless and personalized customer experiences,” explained Jeff Green, Qmatic’s U.S. CEO. “And Orchestra’s powerful Mobile Connect app not only supports an exceptional customer experience, it empowers and engages employees in a way no other customer journey management application can.”

Qmatic clients can quickly and easily benefit from these Orchestra improvements via the Qmatic Care program, which is designed to help clients protect their investment and keep pace with technology through automatic upgrades of future versions of the software.

For more information on Orchestra 6 read our recent post "Orchestra 6: A Leap In Customer Journey Excellence"

About Qmatic:

Qmatic Group leads the market in customer journey solutions. For more than 30 years, we have helped public and private organizations create remarkable customer experiences with software and hardware solutions that seamlessly manage online and onsite engagement points. Our integrated analytics provide the insights to better orchestrate customer interactions, offer timely promotions, and optimize staff and resource planning. We operate in more than 120 countries with global headquarters in Sweden and a leading presence in North America.

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