Qmatic Introduces Qmatic Cloud Appointments

April 6 2021 3 min

Designed with customer centricity as the guiding principle, Qmatic Cloud Appointments brings a wide array of new powerful scheduling features combined with an elegant intuitive user interface that makes it easier than ever for customers to book an appointment online and for staff to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments.

"This is more than a world class appointment solution. It is built on our next generation service platform, enabling better services and innovations than ever. I'm very proud of what the teams have achieved, and we have only seen the beginning of what's ahead." commented Mattias Bogeblad, CPO of Qmatic

Qmatic Cloud Appointments is developed to make it easy to book appointment with specific staff members and to create multi-resource bookings where users have the possibility schedule an appointment with multiple services, resources and with specific or multiple staff member(s) during a single visit. And when adding appointments for additional services you can automatically add buffer time between appointments to allow staff to prepare for the next appointment, or when there is a need for customers to switch locations, ensuring a smooth customer journey and service delivery. Other features include the possibility to keep appointments open for booking by more than one visitor.

Using Qmatic Cloud Appointments, companies and organizations can successfully create a better balance between appointments and walk-ins, while reducing wait times and no-shows. This enhances the customer experience and the resource allocation, allowing staff to deliver the best possible service for customers with a streamlined workflow, while increasing operational efficiency.

Qmatic Cloud Appointments is both WCAG and GDPR compliant, and subscription-based where software, maintenance, and ongoing-support are included in the monthly fee. This allows users to always stay up to date with the latest software version and support. The appointment management system seamlessly integrates with Qmatic Cloud Solutions, which allow users to access Qmatic’s comprehensive suite of industry-defining solutions, making it easy than ever for organizations across the public, health, retail, and financial sector to smoothly manage and have complete control of the entire customer journey from a single platform, from appointment booking to customer feedback and analytics.

For more information please contact:

Mattias Bogeblad
Chief Product Officer
+46 701054658

Peter Lundqvist
Chief Marketing Officer
+46 706 739005

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