PennDOT has implemented Qmatics Orchestra system

April 7 2017 1 min

With more than 1,000 employees, PennDOT manages the issuance of more than 8.9 million driver’s licenses and the registration of more than 11.9 million motor vehicles each year.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards quickly recognized the state's need to reduce wait times, and allow citizens to have more control over their waiting experience.

PennDOT implemented a Qmatic Orchestra system which includes the ability to track staff productivity, and the ability to make an appointment during preselected hours. The Qmatic system also allows citizens to receive an SMS message when it’s their turn in line. “They have the freedom to walk about and wait until their number is about to be called. They can really enjoy some fresh air and some of the local stores”, said Richards.

Because PennDOT is so focused on modernization right now, they also implemented one of Qmatic’s newest offerings, the ability to add gamification to the waiting experience. The Driver License Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is the first site in the United States to use this technology in a motor vehicle setting. Visitors to the Norristown branch can download an app and play Myfunwait, which asks users DMV-related trivia questions while also keeping track of their place in line.

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