Qmatic help Clark County Building Services keep business growing and citizens moving

March 15 2017 1 min

With construction projected to grow and major projects such as the $350 million MGM-AEG arena and Genting Berhad’s $4 billion Resorts Word Las Vegas moving forward, this is a busy high traffic building. Due to complex and varied needs, 90% of customers require assistance from a minimum of four workstations,” said Nan Riepenhoff, Sr. Business Sytems Analyst, resulting in a long, complicated and often tedious visit.

The installation of Qmatic’s customer journey management solution is a huge
success. Residential customers love the clear direction they are given, which saves them from wasting time waiting in the wrong lines. Commercial contractors love the Qmatic solution for allowing them to categorize themselves, for the relaxed waiting, and for making them more efficient. Staff members can effectively process customers and can continue tracking customers with every transfer. Managers can effectively plan for the peaks and valleys in traffic and measure transaction time and effectiveness.

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