Integrate Qmatic and Salesforce

June 29 2022 2 min

Qmatic + Salesforce

With Qmatic latest integration for Salesforce, Qmatic Cloud Solutions clients can now call and serve customers with pre-booked appointments from a unified desktop in Salesforce. 

The intuitive and user-friendly app designed for Salesforce lets users call, transfer, add, remove, and serve waiting customers at the branch. Providing real-time visibility on waiting customers, requested services, customers currently being served, and notifications on upcoming visits and appointments at each branch location. Ensuring faster, more innovative, and more personalized branch services.

The integration also connects Salesforce customer data and Qmatic journey data for a complete 360° view of your customer and service environment with customer information, transactional data, queue status, service requests, wait times, and more.

How does the Salesforce integration work?

  1. The customer schedules an appointment online or by phone and receives an appointment confirmation
  2. Once the customer check-in for the appointment upon arrival, all customer information gets transferred to Salesforce.
  3. Staff gets a 360° overview of the service environment by combining Qmatic journey data and Salesforce customer data. 
  4. Using the app, staff members can seamlessly call, transfer, add, remove, and serve customers in the queue directly from Salesforce. 

Essential features

  • Allow counter staff to call and serve customers from a unified desktop in Salesforce
  • Elevate the in-branch experience with reduced wait times and segmented queues
  • Identify high-value transactions for cross- and upselling
  • Deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized service
  • Match the right staff member to the right customer and create better and more efficient meetings
  • Drive customer loyalty with personal and friction-free experiences for customers

Learn more about Qmatic Customer Journey Management for Salesforce here. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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