Q&A with Martin Hallberg on Qmatic Cloud Solutions

Earlier this week, we announced the release our latest solution – Qmatic Cloud Solutions. Our interpretation of making the most advanced customer journey management available in the cloud. To get all the insights about this new solution, we decided to go straight to the source. Which resulted in a sit down with one of the persons behind Qmatic Cloud Solutions, Martin Hallberg, Product Manager at Qmatic.

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Hi Martin, can you take us through the journey of creating Qmatic Cloud Solutions, how long have you been working on this?

Qmatic has been working on this offer for the past year. The background are two things really. One is the increased need from the market and from our clients to subscribe to our services, to simplify everything. And from Qmatic’s perspective, it’s an important opportunity to scale our business and offer our solutions in a way that our clients want, being able to sign up and subscribe in this case.

In what way will Qmatic Cloud Solutions enhance the customer experience?

I would say that there are a couple of main drivers that will enhance the customer experience. One is that our clients can get access to value much faster. From the moment they define a problem in their organization to getting a solution up and running. The implementation process is so much faster with Qmatic Cloud Solutions compared to setting up a complete software with an IT infrastructure, which provides improved time to value for the client. The other key driver is the flexibility in this solution as clients choose the functionality that they need but also have the option to scale up and down as they go. When you purchase a solution as a perpetual module, you take the complete investment. Now you can scale as your business changes.

What is it that makes Qmatic Cloud Solutions unique?

There are a couple of things that make Qmatic Cloud Solutions unique. One is that it’s a full comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of functionalities. This means that we can manage basic needs and scale up for large organizations that need full comprehensive solutions, managing complex customer journeys with insights. The other thing I would say is that you can either select to run it as a pure software solution with our own mobile applications for standup and mobility that you can set up super quick. Or you can run it together as a combination with our self-service kiosks or LCD screens as a compliment to their solution. And being able to choose between these, or in many cases have a combination of the software solution and the embedded hardware is a great strength.

Before we end here, what are your hopes with this new solution?

My hope is that many clients will quickly realize the value with Qmatic Cloud Solutions and how much easier it will be. So, I expect a quick uptake when it comes to finding clients that are interested in this and close deals much faster than previously so that customers can get access to value much quicker than ever before.

Thank you, Martin!

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