Orchestra is an enterprise-class management platform designed for on-premise and cloud deployment

Our tightly integrated API and CX ecosystem ensures Orchestra works as a total solution to create value across the organization. Distributed operations capabilities allow you to deploy and manage the platform from a single, centralized point to ensure uninterrupted operations and a consistent journey experience in every location you manage across the globe.

No matter how complex your organization may be, Orchestra keeps it working in harmony toward a consistently excellent customer experience.

News - 28 June 2017

Releasing Orchestra 6.2 – Securing your business

Information Security improvements – protecting corporate and customer integrity

Information security is a key in the connected world. Especially for large enterprises or when hosting outside the corporate network.
Orchestra 6.2 successfully passed a Software Penetration Test and Qmatic is now also in the ISO 27001 (Information Security) compliance process.

Auditing - increasing system security and transparency

As security and transparency is becoming more important for our clients Orchestra 6.2 can log and report all user activities and configuration changes made in the system.

Configuration API – efficient deployment for large enterprises

Allows for efficient creation or configuration changes in Orchestra systems.

Orchestra essentials

  • Segmentation & Categories
  • Rule-Based Routing
  • Multi-Queue Calling
  • Staff Work Profiles
  • Customer Transfer
  • Staff & Counter Pools
  • Appointment Queues
  • Service & Outcomes
  • Journey Data
  • Reports
  • Operations Panel
  • Customer Feedback
  • Mobile Connect
  • Counter & Concierge
  • Workstation & Reception
  • Display Management & Appointment
  • Notification & SMS
  • User Management
  • Roles & Profiles
  • Remote Upgrade
  • LDAP

Cloud or on premise

Integrates with Qmatic hardware

Orchestra options

Distributed OperationsAppointed ManagementBusiness IntelligenceConnectivity

Enterprise OperationsDigital CommunicationMobile Ecosystem














Explore the Essential Features of Orchestra

Journey Management

Understand and shape every part of the customer experience. The high performance Journey Manager supports advanced business rules and queuing logic. Fully configurable and extendable, it is designed to meet the unique and changing needs of your organization.

Journey Management

Journey Insights

Always know how well you are meeting customer needs, and make dynamic adjustments as needed. Configurable, mobile dashboards provide anytime, real-time data about historic and current operations and feedback.

Mobile dashboard

Mobile Workforce

Deliver the most attentive customer engagement. This unique business app delivers real-time customer information and status updates employees can use to provide the most efficient and personalized service.

Business app

Service and Communication

Raise the level of efficiency and service across every part of the customer visit. Create and administer display and signage information, queue status updates, and workstation applications from a central platform.

Service and Communication

Central Administration

Create and maintain control of users, roles, profiles, and rights from a robust central User Management Application. Convenient remote upgrades ensure you can keep everything up to date and reliable.

Central Administration

Tailor Your Orchestra with Modules

Orchestra is a complete customer journey management technology solution that creates value though a host of flexible, integrated modules and real-time analytics. Tailor the ecosystem to meet your specific operational needs and create remarkable, profitable customer experiences.

Distributed Operations

The only way to administer operations from a central point and employ everywhere with no downtime.
I want to centralize my resource management.

Enterprise Operations

Manage every touch point and resource with support from best practice staging and production environments.
Show me how this works.

Appointment Management

Integrated booking streamlines the path from appointment to visit, capturing every detail to improve efficiency and service.
Connect my customer journey from appointment to visit.

Digital Communication

Broadcast engaging and informative communications across screens, terminals and tickets in waiting and service environments.
Let’s keep people informed and engaged.

Business Intelligence

Continually improve customer and employee engagement by capturing feedback, monitoring engagement, and tapping into analytics.
How can data improve my customer experience?

Mobile Ecosystem

This mobile API allows you to develop or integrate existing external mobile apps simply through the Qmatic mobile framework to take advantage of powerful Orchestra virtual queue management features.
Integrate my mobile applications.


Maximize the value of your investment with flexible integrations to external systems and new Orchestra applications.
Let’s maximize my investment.

Is Orchestra right for your organization?

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