How to Improve Communication along the Patient Journey

How to Improve Communication along the Patient Journey

Anna Oom |December 11 2019 5 min

The main problem that patient face while waiting is uncertainty. Patients often don’t know is how long the wait will be or what to do. That uncertainty can damage the patient experience. A great patient experience is based on the healthcare providers ability to deliver a clear, fair and obvious process for managing needs, expectations and perceptions. Among hospital leaders, 84% rank patient experience as a top priority and say that communication is important to the experience. Patients agree - 83% say that better communication between patients and caregivers should be a priority.

Communicate to meet your patients need

Patients want healthcare that is delivered with empathy, compassion and clarity. Communication is at the heart of all three of those expectations. By making sure patients feel secure and informed, caregivers immediately improve the patient experience.

How to improve the communication with patients

Through the use of visual and auditory communication, healthcare institutions of all sizes around the globe can facilitate and improve the quality of the patient experience by incorporating with the following tools:

Digital Signage 

Reduce uncertainty for the patient by posting information like appointment numbers, location information, and other important messages on customized displays throughout the environment. Ensuring that your patients are always informed while giving them access to news or any other type of entertainment of choice. This will lower actual and perceived wait times and at the same time provide information and entertainment that engages, educates, and entertains. And with digital signage such as LED screens that are strategically placed in hospital hallways and other areas, patients can better orient themselves instantly without having to ask for directions or assistance.

Vision and Sound Solutions

Communicate clearly by informing patients about service and wait time specifics, reducing hesitation and dramatically speeding the service process by calling people forward at the right time. These types of solutions can be used in the waiting area to announce called ticket numbers. With a sound solution, you are able to communicate in any language to make every visitor feel welcome and informed.

Mobile Solutions

When providing patients with the option of a ticket less system, you allow them to virtually wait anywhere without being confined to a wait room. This is possible with mobile ticket solutions that work as a glue between the virtual and physical world, eliminating the pain of waiting. Other mobile solutions that enhance the communication are applications that enables patient feedback after their visit. This makes it possible for patients to effortless provide their perceived feedback whenever it suits them the best, on the way home, at home, or straight after the visit, all in the palm of their hand.

Prioritize your patients - communicate with care

More than ever, healthcare providers must pay attention to the quality of care they’re able to provide and the quality of the experience their patients perceive. Communication that engages, informs, and integrates perfectly with your environment is an important piece of that experience. With digital signage, vision and sound solutions, together with mobile solutions, healthcare providers can manage appointments, walk-ins, and emergency patients while creating a positive experience from start to finish. Show your patients that they are your priority and help your employees spend more time and energy providing attentive care by improving the communication throughout the patient journey.

Download the Checklist on how to keep Patients moving

With the right approach, it’s possible to support the Patients Journey, giving them a better experience and improving overall quality. Download the checklist to find out how to achieve this.

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This blog post has been updated and was originally published on 4/14/2016 and written by Sven-Olof Husmark. 

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