Reasons to drive patient flow with an online appointment system

Reasons to drive patient flow with an online appointment system

Sheila Ghamkhar |July 13 2023 5 min

For healthcare, the more efficient you are, the more patients you can treat and the better your reputation will be. But for too long, the industry has struggled with long waiting times and rigid booking processes taking valuable time from healthcare staff when they could focus on patient care instead. The benefits of using an online patient scheduling system are many. We have collected the best features of an online appointment system and why implementing it is the first step toward full patient journey management.

5 reasons why healthcare providers should use an online appointment system

More choice

Today, patients are used to the convenience of accessing services from their phones, whenever and wherever they need them. Booking an appointment to see a physician is no different.

By using an online appointment system, you enable your patients to reach out and schedule an appointment easily from their phone or computer. This way, you stay on top of new patient expectations and behaviors, free up time from administrative tasks for your staff, and send booking reminders to your patients so they show up for their appointed time.

Reduced administrative workload

As the number of patients rises, patient expectations and behaviors change. Using an online appointment system can support your staff by reducing administrative work and meeting new patient behaviors better. If the majority of patients are booking their appointments themselves, it enables your staff to focus on those patients who may need assistance to book an appointment and have more time for focusing on patient care.

Faster internal and external updates

An online appointment system can automatically update relevant staff members about schedule changes, such as new bookings or other events, meaning they can better plan and adjust their workdays. If a patient were to cancel, the relevant staff member can be notified immediately and rearrange their tasks planned for the day. The same way goes around if a healthcare provider is unable to meet the patient due to sickness or other unexpected events, as the patient is notified about the change and can be offered to meet another staff member or reschedule their appointment.

Improved operational efficiency

Because patients can book themselves in advance, it becomes easier for staff members to plan their schedules ahead, prepare themselves for their daily appointments, and for management to allocate needed resources based on the volume of expected patients. The online booking dashboard will have a clear indication of how many appointments are booked and how the anticipated stream of patients will affect the workload, so the staff can plan and distribute resources accordingly.

Happier patients

Ensuring patients are treated well and are provided with the best care possible is a goal for all healthcare professionals. Actively working to enhance the patient experience is an important part of patient journey management. Having systems in place that make it easier for patients to book an appointment, see their doctor sooner, and an easy accessible way to reach out to the healthcare, will go a long way to increase their satisfaction. An online patient scheduling solution will help you do just that.


An online appointment system is a major step on the road to providing a better patient experience and improving the management of your patient flow. By taking the pressure off staff and giving power to the patients, you can produce better results and boost patient satisfaction. Discover how our online appointment system works and how it can be customized to fit your needs.


This blog post has been updated to better reflect industry developments and was originally written by Anna Oom on 28/08/2019.

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