Reasons to drive patient flow with an online appointment system

Reasons to drive patient flow with an online appointment system

Anna Oom |August 28 2019 4 min

For healthcare, the more efficient you are, the more patients you can treat and the better your reputation will be. But for too long, the industry has had a poor reputation for patient experience, due to long waiting times and rigid booking structures. In our recent survey of over 600 healthcare and public services decision makers, 80% of healthcare decision makers surveyed wanted to see what was possible if they used patient journey management.

A major first step on the road towards full journey management is an online booking system. We’re all familiar with them and they’re becoming more and more common in other industries.

Here are five reasons why healthcare should embrace them too.

More choice

Today’s patients are used to the convenience of accessing services from their phones, whenever and wherever they need them. While most healthcare providers continue to operate on a primarily phone and walk-in system. This works well for some patients, but others would benefit from the ability to book appointments quickly from their phone or PC.

Less pressure

71% of survey respondents believe they are busier than a year ago. As patient numbers rise and demands change, an online booking system can take some of that work and pressure away. If the majority of patients are booking themselves in, it frees staff up to focus on those that need help.

Faster updates

A modern booking system can automatically update relevant users about schedule changes, meaning they can better plan their days. If a patient was to cancel and a slot come available, the relevant staff can be notified straight away, so there is no confusion.

Better efficiency

Because patients can book themselves in to different services in advance, it becomes much easier to plan ahead. The online booking dashboard will have a clear indication of how many appointments are arranged for each service day-by-day, so staff can plan and distribute resources accordingly.

Happier patients

The main aim of healthcare is to ensure that patients are treated as well as possible. That’s always going to be the main part of the experience for them. However, the lead-up and post-appointment journey can also have an enormous impact on a patient’s wellbeing. Having systems in place that make it easier for them book in, see their doctor sooner and get everything solved easier will go a long way to increase their satisfaction.

An online booking system is a major step on the road to better patient experience. By taking the pressure off staff and giving power to the patients, you can produce better results and boost patient perceptions now, and for the future. With the right partner providing the software and support you need, you can find the perfect solution for you.

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