Optimizing Customer Journey with Business Intelligence

Optimizing Customer Journey with Business Intelligence

Dixie Thamrin |September 8 2021 5 min

Optimize the customer journey and your operations thanks to business intelligence! As a service provider, it’s important to optimize your operations continuously by first of collecting the right data. There are great opportunities to reduce queue times, enhance the customer experience and identify additional areas of improvement. This article will explain how business intelligence can help service providers improve their customer journeys.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process where an organization collects data and analyzes it to obtain a decision basis for improvements. To succeed, you need a business intelligence tool that can give you insights through for example statistics, reports, or dashboards. 

If you want to use business intelligence to optimize the customer journey and your operations, you need to consider two things: what data can I collect and how can I analyze it?

What Data Can I Collect Throughout the Customer Journey?

In the previous article, we explain about collecting data for improving appointment management. Embracing digital transformation throughout the entire customer journey is a step that will make this process a lot easier. Below are examples of customer touchpoints that can be digitized. 


Getting customers to schedule an appointment online is essential for collecting pre-visit data. This way, you get an overview of your future workload and can plan your resources accordingly. By looking at historical data, you can see patterns in the number of bookings throughout the year. You can also control and steer the flow of customers away from peak hours to less busy parts of the day. 


Using an online check-in service, you get real-time data about the number of customers that actually arrive in your facility. It gives you insights into what services are requested and based on that you can segment customers into different queues. By serving more complex services separately and strategically distributing staff to where their expertise and skillsets are needed, you reduce the wait time for other customers.


If your staff uses digital solutions when serving customers, it's easy to gather data that can personalize the service. Additionally, if the serving solution is integrated with the initial touchpoints, appointments, and check-in, your staff can access data to prepare the service better.

Customer feedback

Having a solution to get direct feedback from customers is a great way to identify areas of improvement. Feedback about staff competence, customer experience, and service quality are some of the examples of data you can get to improve your operations.

How to Analyze the Data from each Customer Touchpoint

If you haven't digitized the customer journey yet, there are numerous different solutions on the market. For example, you can enable online appointments on your website with a third-party solution. You can find other digital tools for the staff to save notes when serving a customer. Moreover, there are multiple solutions for sending online feedback surveys. 

However, when using different systems for different customer touchpoints, you risk losing important data. This will make it very difficult to obtain a decision basis for improvements. Instead, the best way for analyzing the data from each customer touchpoint is to use one solution for the entire customer journey, such as Qmatic Cloud Appointments.

With one solution for the entire customer journey, you don’t only collect the data, but can also quickly analyze it. For example, you can visualize the number of appointments, no-shows, waiting and serving times, customers' feedback, service quality, staff performance, transaction time, and much more. The system offers customizable dashboards for giving you the specific information you need to optimize customer journeys. 

The Introductory Guide to Qmatic Cloud Appointments

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