The future of the patient experience

September 13 2018 1 min

The challenges of providing Health Care in the modern age are real. And at the same time we live in an age of unprecedented technological progress, where many problems that seemed unsolvable only decades ago are now part of the standard set of treatments. Changing demographics are rapidly affecting the situation for hospitals all over the world. For example, in some parts of the world there is increasing proportion of elderly people, in other countries there’s a majority of youth.

While these challenges are met with better medical and technological advances, there are also the psychological effects of the patient experience to consider. The improvements in patient health as well as the job satisfaction, and thus productivity and motivaton of hospital staff, are both influenced by the patient experience all the way from check in to check out.

”With aging infrastructure in some countries and demand for more beds in others, hospital executives and governments should consider rethinking how to optimize inpatient and outpatient settings, how to best connect with consumers, and how to integrate digital technologies into traditional hospital services to truly create a health system without walls”, says Deloitte’s experts.

Read more about the future of hospitals in the Deloitte report, downloadable and blue globe with text

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