Swedish Qmatic and METO partner up for mass market entry in Europe, Australia and Canada

May 13 2014 4 min

Today the two leading companies within queue management solutions Qmatic and METO are entering a partnership. Qmatic, a Swedish software and hardware company, enhances customer experiences in physical environments via customer touch-point opportunities. METO, a worldwide operating supplier based in Germany, delivers price marking, sales promotion and merchandise labeling solutions to retailers, industry and service providers.

Qmatic meto product

METO will market and sell Turn-O-Matic Touch, a branded Qmatic product for individual stores and operations that efficiently need to organise customer flows.

“We see a big potential in the co-operation with METO” says Michael Hallén, CEO of the Qmatic Group. “The company has a large customer base within retail and a history of selling take-a-number systems. Consequently, its sales organisation is accustomed to encounter these buyer profiles, and its sales people understand their clients’ problems and requirements.”

At first, the partnership will cover Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden. METO operates in many more European countries, and since 1999, it’s been a division of Checkpoint Systems, a US enterprise.

“Our staff is looking forward to working with Qmatic and marketing Turn-O-Matic Touch,” says Erik Cardinaal, Vice President and General Manager METO,

“METO wants to expand within queue management and customer-flow management,” says Cardinaal, “and Turn-O-Matic Touch is a perfect solution for individual retailers who need to better manage the customer flow in their stores - without excessive costs or time-consuming installation and training. We believe that Turn-O-Matic Touch has great potential in various market segments: ranging from fish shops to car dealers, from butchers to the local pharmacies, from museums to clothing stores, and from hairdressers to game stores - to name a few.”

About Qmatic

Qmatic leads the way in maximising face-to-face customer touch point opportunities. Qmatic’s solutions integrate the virtual/on-line and the real world, to help generate a seamless customer experience. From managing the customer journey to collecting insights from across a spectrum of customer interactions, Qmatic enables remarkable customer experiences resulting in brand loyalty and superior customer satisfaction. With leading positions in Finance, Retail, Healthcare, and Public sectors, Qmatic offers a global footprint, operating in over 120 countries through subsidiaries and partner network.
About METO

For more than 55 years, METO has created sales promotion and merchandise labeling solutions that continue to define standard, current, retail-sector practices. METO is committed to developing solutions that are easy to set up and simple to use. Consequently, the solutions fulfill retail-sector requirements - a sector that faces constant changes and is driven by the time is money concept. The METO brand optimizes quality and durability; it supplies the industry with necessary solutions to most effectively reach its customers. Since 1999, METO is part of Checkpoint Systems, a US company. Find out more at www.meto.com


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