Qmatic teams up with online learning platform Healthstream

March 11 2021 3 min

Qmatic is proud to announce our partnership with HealthStream, a leading online platform for healthcare research and learning. After recently launching our eLearning for customers, we took this great opportunity to join an extensive list of the major healthcare companies and organizations by adding our first course to HealthStream’s impressive range of different resources.

HealthStream’s network of customers reaches almost five million healthcare workers all over the United States, having access to courses on not only all sorts of medical care itself, but also management subjects such as human resources, leadership, lifelong learning, and recruiting and onboarding new staff. Among those providing courses are The American Red Cross, National League for Nursing, and Yale New Haven Health.

Healthcare is one of Qmatic’s prime industries, and we are always striving to improve and evolve our solutions for caregivers – and to expand our network of partners. We have worked for a long time with improving patient journeys by assuring them comfortable transitions through healthcare systems, knowing that a patient's experience starts before they arrive at the facility and continues long after they have received care. 

HealthStream and Qmatic both work in the field of digital healthcare, where the logistics of people, services, and knowledge is a crucial part. Hence, Qmatic's solutions for not only patient journey management but also the intelligence and analysis of citizens' and employees' experiences should be of interest for HealthStream's customers. 

HealthStream is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare by educating and developing the people who deliver care – a mission that Qmatic wholeheartedly endorses. With this new collaboration, we hope that our current and future clients will be better suited to take advantage of the many offerings of Qmatic’s Patient Journey Management Solutions, such as handling queues, appointment bookings, promoting social distancing, and more.


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