Qmatic Introduces the Latest Technology in Self-Service Kiosks

February 7 2014 3 min

DULUTH, GA, 1/29/14

Qmatic has introduced a new line of self-service kiosks that dramatically improve operational proficiency and customer experience. The fully-integrated Intro Series kiosks allow customers to choose between services, check in for appointments, find their way or simply to take a ticket to get in queue. This ultimately decreases wait times and increases customer satisfaction for a wide range of services — improving the overall customer experience and staff efficiency.

When customers arrive, they are received by the kiosk then given a ticket. The alphanumeric ticket has a letter and three numbers, corresponding to the type of service the person needs. The customers are then called according to the service and language preference they selected at the kiosk.

The Intro Series are more than just reception devices, they are complete solutions. Management can use the systems to make sure everything is running according to plan and to know which customer needs to be seen next. Staff can glance at the system to track customers, receive average wait times and log historical data. Ultimately, it’s all about saving the customer time. This valuable data also provides management with tools to improve their current system and customer experience.

Combined with Qmatic software and digital signage, these kiosks can easily be transformed into a system of engagement that dramatically increases operational efficiencies.

About Qmatic

Qmatic leads the way in maximizing face-to-face customer touch point opportunities. Qmatic’s solutions integrate the virtual/on-line and the real world, to help generate a seamless customer experience. With leading positions in Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Public sectors, Qmatic offers a global footprint, operating in over 120 countries through subsidiaries and partner network.

About The Intro Series Self-Service Kiosks

The Intro Series Kiosks are fully-integrated network ticket printers with a selection of touch or screens or static screens with buttons designed to work with all Qmatic solutions. The built-in web browser can display information from any standard web server combined with information from a local queue server, allowing for customized messaging. All kiosks are designed by Qmatic and manufactured in the Swedish factory with one purpose in mind, to provide the highest quality, most reliable self-service kiosks.

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