Qmatic Helps Hospital with Optimizing Their Patient’s Experience

January 23 2014 4 min

Sierra View District Hospital unveiled a new Qmatic Automated Patient Queuing System during an Open House celebration at Sierra View Medical Plaza. The new system was placed in an effort to decrease wait times and increase patient satisfaction for outpatient imaging and laboratory procedures — improving the patient experience and staff efficiency.

When patients arrive, they are greeted and introduced to the system then given a ticket. The alphanumeric ticket has a letter, corresponding to the type of service the person needs, and three numbers. The patients are then called according to the service and language preference they selected. This combination allows for greater efficiency for both patient and employee. Additionally because a number, and not a name, is announced through the loud speakers, patients’ privacy is protected.

The Qmatic system is more than just a reception device. Management, radiologists and lab technicians watch the system to make sure everything is running according to plan and to know which patient needs to be seen next. “It’s all about saving the patient time and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. The patients seem very happy. They’re impressed,” said Dina Molar, radiology clerk and receptionist at Sierra View Medical Plaza. “They are taking well to the change and it’s working very well. Our staff likes it too.”

With this system, staff can glance at the system to track patients, receive average wait times and log historical data. This valuable data provides management with tools to improve their current system and patient experience.

Four different people will see a lab patient during a visit, — the greeter, the registration clerk, the person who enters the order in the back lab, and the phlebotomist who draws the blood. “Imagine it as a relay race. This system allows us to pass the baton from one to the other efficiently and quickly,” Dave Workman, Lab Director stated. By being aware of waits, personnel can be moved between the hospital’s main lab and radiology department to the medical plaza, and vice versa, when necessary and possible. The system will also send automated e-mails and flag directors of any long waits.

The system includes software, overhead digital signage, speakers and three flat-screen monitors which inform patients of ticket numbers called and estimated wait time for several departments.

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